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Smartivity: Educational Wooden Toys for Kids


In a world full of kids’ toys that are plastic, electronic, or digital, wooden toys from the bygone era are still a classic choice. There were a lot of reasons why people used to consider wooden toys the best choice for their kids, but the most prominent reasons were:

  • Wooden toys have smooth and polished surfaces with round corners, thus making them a safe option for infants.
  • The dying and coloring done on these toys are polished. These toys follow the standard safety norms to ensure that kids are not harmed if they mouth them.
  • The size of the wooden toys is big enough that the kids can not swallow them.
  • No toxic chemicals or allergy-inducing polishes are added to them. Thus they are eco-friendly along with being safe.

Smartivity offers an extensive range of top-notch quality wooden educational toys for kids of all ages and abilities to ensure maximum fun along with learning. Young children search and implement things and develop their basic understanding of a lot of concepts when they are left to play with educational wooden toys. Owning to their inquisitive minds, kids achieve the ability to solve problems, experiment with new ways, and observe things in their surroundings while playing with wooden learning toys. 


Why is it beneficial to Introduce Educational wooden toy concepts to your child’s learning?


The concept of learning toys has altered the scenario of playtime for kids. Their fun time now adds a lot of educational value and boosts their IQ and curiosity. Whether it is about engineering toys for kids or kids' construction toys, wooden toys are beneficial to kids in the following ways:



Wooden toys are trendy in their own unique way. These are the toys that can literally be passed on generations after generations. All these cool learning toys have a classic feel, along with reaping the same educational benefits to your grandchildren. Moreover, wooden toys don’t break easily, nor do they harm the environment.



There is nothing more essential than nurturing a kid’s creativity. Smart wood toys come in various shapes and colours, which allows kids to explore their uses and creative ways to assemble them or play with them. With wooden kids' construction toys, kids learn to experiment with geometry and various other science concepts, thereby making their creativity stretch further.



Unlike electronic toys, wooden educational toys allow children to develop their own version of gameplay. Kids learn to manipulate and construct three-dimensionally in a number of different ways. This is where they build their logic quotient. Whether it is about building towers or solving math puzzles with educational wooden toys, kids learn to find their own way!



Educational wooden toys come in varying shapes, thus, allowing toddlers to learn how to grasp hold of them. They learn how to twist the wrist, move those toys with a firm grip and play with them. Some toys are heavy while some are not. Thus, by playing with these toys, kids start learning the concept of weight. They know how much pressure needs to be exerted and where. This is how these toys help them build their motor skills.



Engineering toys for kids involve kids placing the wood pieces in a way the construction doesn’t topple over. Children pay attention while playing with these toys and learn the concept of distance and balance. This leads to a significant improvement in hand-eye coordination.


Things To look for in Educational wooden Toys

Following are the three major factors to consider before buying educational gifts for boys or girls:


Age Specific Toys: 

Different types of educational wooden toys are available for kids of different age groups. Be careful you choose toys online from the right category.


Educational Value for Kids:

Observe your kids and their choice of games. Each of the educational wooden toys holds different educational value, like art and activity toys, science toys, puzzle solving, engineering toys, foosball toys, etc.

Safety:  Parents must ensure that the wooden toys they choose do not have sharp edges or toxic coatings in order to save their kids from getting injured while playing. 



  1. What are the different types of educational wooden toys?

Educational toys are fun and introduce the concepts of Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, Construction and building, art, and creativity to kids. Wooden toys comprise beautiful Hydraulic Plane Launcher Toy, Pirate's Telescope Toy, Pinball Machine Toy, Hydraulic Crane Toy, Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine Toy, Globe Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, and various others. 


  1. How can wooden educational toys help your child in his school? 

Educational toys for different age groups play different roles in contributing to the development of kids EQ and IQ, helping them in their early education. Kids physically touch the toys and learn about color, design, and texture. On the other hand, books deliver theoretical knowledge only, which restricts kids from exploring more ways to solve a problem.


  1. What wooden Educational toys are the best for kids 5 and under?

Kids under 5 years of age see the world differently. Everything around them is new to them, and they tend to use their own methods of dealing with toys or situations. These kids can be the most creative thus, the best wooden toys for them can be Smartivity Junior World Around Me, Smartivity Junior Animals & A-To-Z, Smartivity Junior Animals & A-To-Z, etc.