Wooden Toys for Kids Wooden Toys for Kids

Best Sustainable Wooden Toys for Kids

Screen Free Fun: In an age of PUBG, video reels and online amusement, can wooden toys actively engage kids? The answer is a resounding yes! Just ask any of our over 5 million parents who have trusted our wooden kids toys and kids who have spent countless hours fully focused and immersed in building with our toys. Smartivity’s wooden toy car has been an enduring favourite among lil’ ones who have not only had a blast racing it but have also absorbed some cool core concepts of science while building it. 

100% Safe Wooden Toys: Smartivity’s wooden educational toys are made with a special environmentally sustainable wood that are 100% safe for kids and have exceeded stringent global quality checks. Our impeccable quality and safety guarantee make Smartivity the finest wooden toys online.

Grows Attention Span: Smartivity’s wooden educational toys like the wooden toy car, Pinball Machine Toy and the Mechanical Hand toy are among our most loved wooden toys and have proven to enhance kids’ attention spans and keep them mindfully engaged!

Our Core Beliefs:

  •  We understand that kids learn best through play.
  • Our wooden kids toys help them understand and absorb fundamental STEAM concepts easily while having fun. 
  • We firmly believe every child is a maker, creator and builder and our wooden toys online help young minds expand the horizons of their thinking. 
  • Our wooden educational toys are aimed at shaping the creators of tomorrow and the builders of a brighter future.

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