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Construction & Building Toy Set for Kids

For Builders of Tomorrow: Build it like Bob and Wreck it Like Ralph with our amazing range of construction toys. Smartivity’s bestsellers like the toy crane have sparked wonder and curiosity in millions of kids across the world and kept them mindfully engaged for countless hours.

Build From Scratch: Construction sets are a wonderful way to have fun building toys from scratch while staying focused for hours. 

Safest Toys for Kids: Our wooden building blocks provide our toys with a distinct look and are 100% safe for kids. 

STEAM Learning: Just like house building blocks of yore, we have reimagined construction toys such as the toy crane that not only are super fun but also help young minds learn the fundamentals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)

Our Core Beliefs: Smartivity’s construction toys  like the toy crane Toy and the Amazing Science Lab toy are among our most loved construction sets and have proven to enhance kids’ attention spans and keep them mindfully engaged! 

  • We understand that kids learn best through play. 
  • Our wooden building blocks help them understand and absorb fundamental STEAM concepts easily while having fun. 
  • We firmly believe every child is a maker, creator and builder and our in house building blocks help young minds expand the horizons of their thinking. 
  • Our building toys are aimed at shaping the creators of tomorrow and the builders of a brighter future.
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Construction & Building Toys for Kids

Construction play is widely used in nurseries. It can also be used during family play sessions with older children and adults at home. It's important to note that it's not just about children playing with construction set toys. It's about creating an environment of creativity that inculcates an early interest in construction and engineering. Children can enjoy building each other's toys and think creatively, together. Allowing children to take turns is an excellent way to ensure they learn how to share. To play the game, children need to have kids construction set, while others can be used as a backdrop to make the play even more immersive. Children of different ages and interests will love different toys. Each child should receive a construction set of their choice. Each set should be different and contain some objects that the child has never seen before. Children will enjoy their time spent building with their friends and unwind from their busy days and see new objects in a whole new light. Smartivity's mission is to encourage children to be curious and learn through play. We create toys that are fun and engaging, which are designed to spark curiosity in kids. 

Introduce Construction & Building Toy concepts to your child

With construction & building toys, kids can make a sandcastle or build a city with blocks and loose parts. Constructive play is educational and open-ended, meaning children engage in it for learning. It facilitates their natural curiosity, sense of creativity, and opportunities for social interaction. Children who play with construction toys are more likely to engage in physical activities, develop social skills, and experience joy in life.

Things to look for in Construction & Building Toys

  1. The first rule to buying a construction set is to know the right age of the child you are buying it for. Construction sets are toys that help stimulate kids' interest in building and construction. The best option is to buy these types of toys before your child reaches the age of six. Before you reach that stage, you must buy them a construction set.
  1. Now that you know what makes wooden construction toys better than plastic ones, it is time to decide which construction toy materials are best for your child. Although not all children are born with the same sense of aesthetics, some develop a special appreciation for the beauty of natural materials. For instance, a child who has an affinity for stuffed animals might enjoy playing with a toy made from plush. Others may prefer toys made from wood, plastic, or cloth.
  1. Children love to play with kids' construction toys. They engage in creative, imaginative, and fun activities with their favorite toys. They also learn while they are playing. So, making sure you buy durable toys will help your child learn from their favorite toys. 
  1. While most toys are necessary for a child's development, many parents feel overwhelmed by their child's endless toy box. Consider setting a budget for your child's toys if you are among these parents.

Construction toys for kids

Some of Smartivity’s toys are - Hydraulic Plane Launcher Toy, Pinball Machine Toy, Hydraulic Crane Toy, Mechanical Hand Toy, Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine, Globe Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, Amazing Science Lab Toy, Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes Toy, Link Dunk Parabolic Basketball, etc.

Why are construction toys important for children?

  1. Collaborative play is an excellent way to build social skills and encourage open communication between children. It also helps promote mathematical reasoning, spatial awareness, and communication skills.
  2. By introducing creative thinking at an early age, children can see the bigger picture and improve their understanding of the world around them. This is also seen as being more engaging for children. This is why it is essential for caregivers to give children new and fresh challenges to think about regularly.
  3. Cooperative play with construction toys for kids can help children learn how to work together, play nicely with others, and make friends. It allows children to release their energy and enjoy themselves in a more structured environment. It also helps children who may be shy or anxious, develop better social skills and connect better with others. 


What are the different types of Construction & Building toys?

We have been continuously working on building construction and building toys that help kids learn and have fun. The most important thing is to keep a child engaged with any math toys for kids. The better the child is involved, the more likely they will be successful. We have a lot of toys for kids like - Hydraulic Plane Launcher Toy, Pinball Machine Toy, toy construction crane, Mechanical Hand Toy, Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine, Globe Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, etc.

Why are Construction & Building toys important to a child's development?

Construction is a wonderful way for children to learn about their world. As with any learning, children must be given the right construction set for kids and guidance to develop their skills. You can start them off with simple construction building blocks or give them a box or some empty jars to build their own. They're sure to be amazed by what they can make. With science kits for kids, kids take on the challenge of making their creations.

How do children develop skills by playing with Construction & Building toys?

Construction toys are excellent for developing creative thinking, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Because many construction toys for 3-year-olds require kids to put together pieces in order and a specific location, they can also be great opportunities for kids to learn about spatial recognition and sequencing.

What Construction & Building Toys are the best for kids 5 and under?

Smartivity is an engaging educational toys brand that offers the best educational construction toys online. We have a lot of Learning Toys for Kids of 5 years of age and under like - Hydraulic Plane Launcher Toy, Pinball Machine Toy, toy construction crane, Mechanical Hand Toy, Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine, Globe Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, Amazing Science Lab Toy, Link Dunk Parabolic Basketball, etc.