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Construction & Building Toy Set for Kids

For Builders of Tomorrow: Build it like Bob and Wreck it Like Ralph with our amazing range of construction toys. Smartivity’s bestsellers like the toy crane have sparked wonder and curiosity in millions of kids across the world and kept them mindfully engaged for countless hours.

Build From Scratch: Construction sets are a wonderful way to have fun building toys from scratch while staying focused for hours. 

Safest Toys for Kids: Our wooden building blocks provide our toys with a distinct look and are 100% safe for kids. 

STEAM Learning: Just like house building blocks of yore, we have reimagined construction toys such as the toy crane that not only are super fun but also help young minds learn the fundamentals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)

Our Core Beliefs: Smartivity’s construction toys  like the toy crane Toy and the Amazing Science Lab toy are among our most loved construction sets and have proven to enhance kids’ attention spans and keep them mindfully engaged! 

  • We understand that kids learn best through play. 
  • Our wooden building blocks help them understand and absorb fundamental STEAM concepts easily while having fun. 
  • We firmly believe every child is a maker, creator and builder and our in house building blocks help young minds expand the horizons of their thinking. 
  • Our building toys are aimed at shaping the creators of tomorrow and the builders of a brighter future.
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