Your Li'l One's First Augmented Reality Experience! Free!!! Introduce your child to a new dimesion in colouring with Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Magic Colouring Sheets for Children

Your Child's First Augmented Reality Experience! Free Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Colouring Sheet!!!

Your child's colouring world will never be the same again! 

You are just one step away from introducing your li'l one to an awesome experience!

This is what we mean:


Just click on the image below.
It will open a colouring sheet in a new window.
Take a print out of the colouring sheet.



IMPORTANT! Download Free Smartivity EDGE App To Experience The Real Magic!

Once your child has coloured the sheet, use this link to download the Smartivity Edge App for Android smartphones and tablets or this link for Apple iPhones and iPads.
Get it on Google Play 


Scan the colouring sheet coloured by your child.

Enjoy the sheer delight and excitement your child experiences!

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