Smartivity EDGE Augmented Reality enabled 3D Colouring Sheets

Your Child's First Augmented Reality Experience... Try for FREE!

Summer is here... and so are our cool, new range of colouring sheets.
Explore the Jurassic Era with Dinosaur or learn all about recycling and waste management through a cool Cricket game... Make this summer, the Summer of Smartivity! 

Click on the image and download a free sample from our Smartivity EDGE Dinosaur Adventure colouring sheet. Here is how to experience AR magic...

1. PRINT this sheet

2. Encourage your child to COLOUR with colours they like

3. DOWNLOAD our Smartivity EDGE Free App from Android or iOS store

4. SCAN the sheet with the app...

5. Watch the Dinosaur come to life in the colours used by your li'l one (and also play learning games)!




Smartivity EDGE Let's Learn 1,2,3... Augmented Reality Enabled 3D Colouring Sheets


Smartivity EDGE Jungle Safari Augmented Reality Enabled 3D Colouring Sheets
Click here or on the image.
Download and Save the sheet on your computer.
Use Pencil Colours or Crayons to colour the sheet.
Scan with the Free App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Smartivity EDGE App (on Android Play Store) 

Smartivity EDGE App (on Apple App Store)



Watch your li'l one's colouring sheets come to life....


See Smartivity Edge bring the characters on your colouring sheet to life in myriad hues.
Use the app in tandem with exclusive Smartivity Edge colouring books and hold your breath as you
get enthralled by our innovative 4-D experience. Learn while you play with the characters of your
imagination as they fly out and interact with you through our sophisticated augmented reality

The app works meticulously to depict each character just as you’ve created it, taking care of each
stroke of colour you’ve worked on. Incite your imagination further by playing with fun and
interactive buttons that make sure you indulge in a complete developmental activity.
So what are you waiting for? Get on board to meet your latest buddies, Jay and Ria as they escort
you through a journey where your imagination plays out the real world!

Smartivity EDGE Jungle Safari Colouring Sheet Set



Work your creativity out on interesting colouring sheets in the real world and bring the characters
to life in the AR world just like you’ve imagined them.

Take snaps of (or with? selfie) each character you create in the AR space. Compare and experiment
to finally capture a glimpse of the coolest creature you create!

Say “Hello!” to Jay and Ria who share their knowledge with you by bringing a whole new dimension
of interactive learning to your colouring experience.

Purchase more sheets; diversify your experience as you learn about a variety of themes.


How to get started:

Download the free app once you’ve purchased the Smartivity Edge colouring sheets.

Get to any colouring sheet and colour it as you like.

Turn the app on and position your mobile device over the sheet, see the character you’ve worked
on come to life!

Take a sound look at your creation from every angle by moving your device around. Save your
experience by taking a snap!

Tap to get Jay and Ria to sojourn with you and initiate a unique interactive experience.

Purchase more Smartivity Edge sheets and continue to get the most out of the app! We do not
provide in app purchases, so you can concentrate only on the experience while you use the app!


Please ensure that you are connected to the internet while using the app.

Use of pencil colours or crayons for best results. It ensures that every detail is taken care of in the
virtual model.

Works best in ambient light to capture the true colours as that on the colouring sheet.

Hold the camera in a stable and straight position, making sure that the camera is just close enough
to align the corners of the sheet with the corners in the camera feed.

Allow the app a few seconds to recognise the page. Once it has been recognised, the app will
indicate it by 3-2-1 timer. The coloured character will then bloom out to life on
your screen right above the colouring sheet!