6 Math Toys for 6-14 Year Old Kids

Add some Joy. Subtract the Stress. Multiply the Fun.  

Maths is Everywhere around us. And Your Child can Playfully Learn to make it Work for him or her. Smartivity Toys are the gifts that can Fuel that Potential.

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Smartivity Toys are Designed Consciously

We are passionate about Design, committed to Constructively Engage Your Child and driven to Inspire the Next Generation of 'Makers' across the World.

Safe, Screen-Free Entertainment

With these toys, you can rest assured that your child is spending their time constructively. The toys are made using highest quality re-engineered pine wood that is free of any splinters. We're proud to say that Smartivity toys exceed safety standards set in 24 countries including the US, Europe and India. 

Made in India. For Both Girls & Boys

We know that it's important for both girls and boys to have a practical understanding of STEAM concepts to be successful in a world that will increasingly be shaped by Science & Technology.  We also take pride in the fact that all our toys are completely designed in-house and made in India, in our factory near Delhi.

Perfect Gift for Smart, Curious Kids.

Every Smartivity STEAM Educational Construction Activity Toy is designed to inspire your child to be an innovator, a creator and a maker of the future. Playing with Smartivity Toys instills confidence in your child of her or his ability to make things with their hands and experience ownership and pride in their efforts.

Smartivity Toys Teach Math Concepts, Playfully

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Best Maths & Numbers Toys from Smartivity

Toys to help your child have fun with numbers and get familiar with important mathematical skills. Whoever said Maths was boring clearly didn't have Smartivity Toys to play with 🙃

Mathematics Combo: Multiplication Machine + Angle Wrangle

For Kids Aged 6-8 years

The Mathematics Combo is a set of two most appropriate and relevant study table accessory for kids.

Smartivity's Fidget Digit Multiplying Machine helps them get stronger and faster at mental multiplication. The toy uses a set of pivoting links to reveal the multiplication product of 2 numbers between 1 and 12.

Angle Wrangle Racing Machine combines basic learnings of physics such as gravity, momentum, and angle of deflection in this STEM toy. 

Rs. 1,099.00
Rs. 899.00
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Triple Fun Combinator

For Kids Aged 8-14 years

Smartivity Triple Fun Combinator is a game of combinations! This helps the kids to learn about probability and combinations while having fun! Once built, Roll the Drums and play 3 games. The first game being a new type of board-game. The second game being the thrilling game of Rock, Paper and Scissors. And the third game, the game of cricket; score most runs to win the match.

Rs. 899.00
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Twist & Tumble Rotator Maze

For Kids Aged 8-14 years

Maths and Mazes are like puzzles. Smartivity's Twist and Tumble Rotator Maze STEM Educational DIY Learning toy combines the fun of a maze with the mathematical concept of place values. Challenge your friends to an epic battle which requires strategic thinking and hand eye coordination.

Rs. 1,199.00
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Ferro Mania Money Magnate

For Kids Aged 8-14 years

Introduce your child to the concept of finance and workings of money and banks. This simple and unique game makes children use their ingenuity to collect and use money in interesting ways to achieve victory! This project works on the fundamentals of transactions involving the transfer of goods and services from one person to another.

Rs. 1,199.00
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Odd Even Shooting Game

For Kids Aged 8-14 years

Smartivity Odd Even Shooting Game is built to make your child have fun while calculating numbers. Once built, flick the balls into the columns. Each ball has a value. Add these values in columns to decide if it is odd or even. One player represents odd and the other represents even. The player who owns the most number of columns wins the game.

Rs. 1,199.00
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50 Lakh Parents Around the World Trust Smartivity

Parents, Teachers and Children Across 24 countries Trust Smartivity As Among The Finest Constructive and Inspiring Engagement for 6 to 14 year old children.
This is what keeps us grounded and going...

By far the coolest thing we built during this lockdown!! @smartivitylabs

Nagraj B (via Twitter)
Cell Biologist

Such a huge fan of @smartivitylabs and their products, really amazing stuff. 

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@smartivitylabs thank you very much, my child has decided to build a science lab at home. This is all because of this activity. A father cannot be more prouder.

Abhay Shelke (via Twitter)

Absolutely in love with Smartivity Products. Got Marble Slide roller coaster, music machine and hydraulic pump set. Wish to get one of each of Smartivity products.

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The Team that Brings You Smartivity Toys

Ashwini, Apoorv and Rajat, all in their late-twenties, graduated from IIT-Delhi in 2011. Tushar graduated with a Master’s in Communication and Journalism from Pune University in 1999 and fondly calls himself a Toy Enthusiast.

Tushar A Amin stumbled upon the idea of Smartivity when he and Apoorv Gupta met at the birthday party of a mutual friend's daughter. They noticed how children were interacting with brand-new toys. Once unboxed, the kids interacted with the toys for a few minutes, got bored of it, and simply moved on to their parents' phones to show off the new games and videos they had discovered on the Internet.

This got Tushar and Apoorv talking. And they along with their friends, Ashwini and Rajat, decided to launch toys that productively engaged both parents and children.  

Together, they have created one of the most innovative toy brands in the world that has won critical acclaim, innovation awards and hearts and minds of parents and children, globally.

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