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Raise Curious, Creative, and Confident Kids, ready for future success in a world driven by Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)with our Smart Activity Toys.

  • Age Appropriate, for Girls & Boys: Practical, Construction Toys to help your child experience concepts in STEAM fields suited to their age and developmental needs. Made for both her and him.
  • Easy to Build & Play: Your little-one can independently understand, build, and play with Smartivity’s toys using the simple, step-by-step instructions available with every box.
  • Less Screen-Time, More Play-Time: Kids can spend between 120-200 minutes constructing Smartivity Toys for the first time, and love to play with their friends, siblings, mums and dads, over and over again.
  • Toys for the Makers of Future: First-Hand experience of concepts like Weights, Shapes, Gravity, Light, Reflection, Momentum, Music & Sounds, Solar System, and more to make our kids future ready.
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The Ideal 1st Smartivity Toys for Your Child

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Rs. 749
Rs. 999
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Rs. 699
Rs. 1,199
Rs. 1,499
Rs. 999
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Trusted by Parents, Loved By Children. Globally.

Nagraj B
By far, the coolest thing we built during this lockdown @smartivitylabs
Aditi Syal
Absolutely in love with Smartivity... Wish to get one each of Smartivity products.
Abhay Shelke
My child has decided to build a laboratory, thanks to Smartivity. A father cannot be more prouder...
Nisha Khot
Also, check out toys from @smartivitylabs which are available in larger Hamleys stores as well as online. Highly recommend.
Ankur Joshi
@smartivitylabs awesome product guys! Everyone in the family loved the stem wheels. Great experience...
Vara Prasad
Highly recommended for kids @smartivitylabs
Children will love Smartivity.! I may suggest, if you are 6, or above me, like 10 years, you better get this.
Koral, (8 yrs)
(To happy to speak. When asked by parent: "Did you make it by yourself?") Yes!!! jumping in delight
Arya, (6 yrs)
...hum isko easily banaa sakte hai. Yeh bahot useful hai. I'd like that you also use Smartivity.
Eva, (9 yrs)
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The Ideal 1st Smartivity Toys for Your Child

Rs. 1,499
Rs. 999
Rs. 1,099
Rs. 1,299
Rs. 849
Rs. 1,299
Rs. 799
Rs. 749
Rs. 999
Rs. 499
Rs. 699
Rs. 1,199

Smart Activities For 6-8 years old


For young innovators: 6+ years old.

Image description
Bring your child's dream of becoming an astronaut to life with Smartivity's Blast Off Space Rocket. Once assembled, children can experiment with their rockets by varying the weight of the rocket and elasticity of the launch plate to understand the fundamentals of scientific concepts.
  • Rs. 699/-


    For young innovators: 6+ years old.

    Image description
    If your child loves cars, this is the best gift they would love. This mega-pack of STEMWheels includes a formula racing car Speedster, drag-racer Rally Racer, haul-truck Highway Hog and stunt vehicle Stunt Demon, along with 2 lanchers in one amazing bundle. Introduce your child to the concepts of motion, elasticity and momentum, faster than your child's cars can race across the finish line. Build four cars, invite friends and challenge them for a race and compete for the title of the champion
    Rs. 1199/-

    Smart Acitivities for 8-14 years old


    For young innovators: 8+ years old.

    Image description
    Introduce your child to the marvels of engineering with our global bestseller Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane. Watch your child's face light up with pride as they maneuver the crane's movement around 2 axes, and lift objects with the claspable jaw, all operated through simple syringes filled with water.
    Rs. 1299/-


    For young innovators: 8+ years old.

    Image description
    The coolest gift on every child's wishlist across the world... Smartivity Mechanical Hand allows your child to construct a fully-functional robotic hand of their own. With its realistic hand anatomy, the fingers move just like hand fingers. Your child can grab things, make hand gestures, open door handles and even play catch! Smartivity Mechanical Hand introduces children to the marvelous anatomy of the hand, depicting the joints and bones of the fingers along with their ligaments and tendons. High Five!
    Concepts and Learnings
    Rs. 999/-

    The Ideal 1st Smartivity Toys for Your Child

    Rs. 1,499
    Rs. 999
    Rs. 1,099
    Rs. 1,299
    Rs. 849
    Rs. 1,299
    Rs. 799
    Rs. 749
    Rs. 999
    Rs. 499
    Rs. 699
    Rs. 1,199


    The POWER of PLAY,
    the PROMISE of STEM,
    the PRIDE of MAKING with HANDS, and

    It is this quartet of beliefs that shape Smartivity STEAM educational construction toys.



    Core STEAM Learning

    Yes. Designed For STEAM Learning Through Play.
    Smartivity Toys are designed with a mission to make STEAM playful to learn.

    No. Designed For Construction.
    Lego Toys don’t focus on STEAM fundamentals.


    Yes. Made From Wood
    Smartivity Toys use recycled, re-engineered, child-safe splinter-free premium Pine Wood.

    No. Made From Plastic
    Lego Toys are made of plastic.

    Dynamic STEAM Based Mechanisms

    Yes. Moving Parts, Mechanisms Based Play
    Smartivity products result in dynamic games and toys with movable mechanisms.

    No. Fixed Parts, Static Play
    Toys built with Lego are stationary with fixed parts.

    Nature Of Play

    Multiple (Guided + Structured + Open) Gameplays
    Smartivity Toys combine creative open play with goal-oriented play for longer, all-round engagement.

    Creative Play, Open Play
    Child indulges in make-believe with Lego toys that builds the child’s creative capabilities.

    Pocket Friendly Prices

    Yes. Accessible Prices
    Smartivity Toys are accessible and ‘priced right’. For the same money spent, Smartivity Toys offer a higher engagement time per rupee spent.

    No. Expensive
    Lego Toys cost almost 5 times more for similar engagement and play time.


    Each Smartivity STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit includes Colour-coded, Richly Illustrated, Easy-To-Understand, Step-By-Step Instruction Manual.

    The Instruction Manual explains each step with big and clear illustrations from relevant perspectives to help your child understand every step without difficulty.

    To avoid distractions and ensure that your child has a complete focus on each step, there is only one step per page. This makes it easy and fun to make Smartivity toys.

    Moreover, we have How-to-make videos for every toy on our Youtube channel, for reference.
    Once your child has built their Smartivity construction toy, there are multiple gameplays and additional activities integrated in the toy. Your child can play different games and carry out learning experiments with it over and again

    Smartivity Construction Toys do not use glue or permanent fixtures in the construction process. All the joinery is with the help of elastic bands.

    As a result, your child can dis-assemble and reassemble the toy easily.
    Yes, sure they can. In fact, that’s all they want to. Smartivity makes Learning Fun.

    Give your child the opportunity to learn what they need to, for a bright future, through a completely new means.

    Trust us, they'll enjoy the experience and retain the learning, way longer than traditional rote learning.
    On average, every Smartivity toy takes about 120 to 200 minutes to build.

    During this time, children learn different concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. .

    Once the toy is built, children continue to learn and play with it for a long time.
    No. Smartivity toys are absolutely safe for your child to play with on their own.

    Your child's safety is our prime priority. The toys are made of high-quality, splinter-proof pinewood to ensure your child's safety.

    No glue or tools are needed for construction for a mess-free, hassle-free and safe experience.

    As a global brand enjoyed and trusted by parents and children across 24 countries, all our toys are tested in Global Labs to ensure safety and quality.

    Our instruction manuals are designed to ensure that your child has independent construction experience.

    You can choose to participate (and may not be able to resist) and partner with them, but your child will not be stuck in the construction experience if they are alone.

    We have taken all measures to ensure that your child is absolutely safe while using Smartivity toys.
    We manufacture all our products at our factory in Manesar near New Delhi, India. Depending on the city you live in, it usually takes between 3 to 6 days for your order to reach you from the time of you placing the order. Typical delivery times are:

    Delhi NCR - 2 days
    Within 1000 km from Delhi - 4 days
    Above 1000 km fro Delhi - 5-6 days

    You will receive an order tracking number within 24 hours of placing the order.

    Our mission is to inspire your child to realise their true potential as innovator, designer, doer, creator.

    The love and appreciation we receive from parents and children across the world keeps us committed to innovation and excellence in design.

    We are passionate about Design, committed to Constructively Engaging Your Child and driven to Inspire the Next Generation of 'Makers' across the World.