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World most innovative STEAM toys

As the crowd applauds your craftsmanship, you take a bow. You used the inventor in you, to build something that fills you with joy. In this world of online existential reality, turn away from your screens; to bring to life, the creativity inside!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smartivity is India’s global STEAM Educational Construction Toys & Activities brand. We are an Indian start-up with our design studio in New Delhi, and our manufacturing factory in Haryana. Founded by IIT-Delhi alumni, we design, manufacture and sell cool, innovative and world-class educational toys for children between the ages of 3-to-14 years across the world. All our toys are made from recycled wood, are eco-friendly and undergo stringent testing to meet and exceed global toy safety standards. We are committed to engaging your child in a fun and educational mind-and-body experience. Smartivity toys are designed to introduce your child to fundamental concepts from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics in a hands-on, practical application based play-filled way. We are driven by our goals to boost your child’s confidence, enhance their creativity, develop their scientific temper and empower your child to be successful in real life.

Every Smartivity box contains all the parts needed to build and play a unique toy or a set of innovative activities. Each box comes with a detailed, step-by-step, easy-to-understand Instruction Manual that ensures that your child can play and learn easily and independently. No glue or tools are needed to construct a Smartivity toy or activity, as we use elastic/rubber bands for joinery. This also ensures that Smartivity toys can be disassembled and re-assembled as many times as your child wants to.

We are committed to delivering the best learn and play experience to your child. As part of our customer service we offer: FREE Parts On Request: If a part (or parts) get lost, break or go missing, all you have to do is reach out to us on our customer care number over call or through Whatsapp. You can also fill in the Parts Request Form on this website to order the part/s needed. It will be dispatched to you FREE. On Phone Guidance: If you child has any question or gets stuck at a particular step, you can just call us on our customer care number and our product assistance team will resolve your child’s query and guide them. Whatsapp Access: You can reach out to us at any time for any requirement on our Whatsapp contact number. Workshops: We conduct regular STEAM Workshops around our toys where your child can learn about the science behind the toy as well as ask their questions to our in-house STEAM expert. You can register for the program over mail.

If you are looking for ways to keep your child constructively busy for hours, and away from mobile phones, Youtube or video games, Smartivity toys are just right for you. Here are some of the other reasons you should order Smartivity toys for your child... Smartivity toys: - Are GENDER EQUAL and designed to EMPOWER both girls and boys - SAFETY CERTIFIED by International Toy Testing Labs - ECO-FRIENDLY, and made from STURDY & LONG-LASTING WOOD - SCREEN-FREE to ensure your child stays away from mobile phones, Youtube videos and video games. - 100 % Designed and Made In India - KEEP your child CONSTRUCTIVELY BUSY FOR HOURS in CONSTRUCTION & PLAY - MESS-FREE as NO GLUE or TOOLS are used in construction - Have DYNAMIC & MULTIPLE GAMEPLAYS for playing over and over again - EDUCATIONAL and designed to introduce your child to MULTIPLE CONCEPTS from STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) - INCREASE your child's FOCUS, ATTENTION SPAN & PATIENCE - BOOST your child's CONFIDENCE TO MAKE things on their own - PREPARE your child for SUCCESS IN REAL LIFE - ECONOMICALLY PRICED to ensure you get the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

All Smartivity products are DESIGNED and MADE IN INDIA. We take great pride in being India’s global STEAM Educational Toys and Activity brand with presence in over 30+ countries including USA, Canada, European Union countries, Australia, South East Asian countries, and the Middle East.

It is extremely easy to make Smartivity toys. Your child will be able to make the entire Smartivity toy on their own by just following the step-by-step instructions from the richly-illustrated, colour coded, easy to understand Instruction Manual. We also offer easy access to our designers if your child has any questions at any point of time.

Yes, absolutely. We offer Cash On Delivery in addition to accepting payment through all credit and debits cards and net-banking.

Smartivity toys are Made From Recycled Wood, not plastic. So, they are eco-friendly. Smartivity toys are designed around core STEAM concepts, and deliver great educational value. Smartivity toys have real-life moving action mechanisms, that your child can use to play the multiple games that are part of the experience. Smartivity toys keep your child constructively engaged for longer periods of time than other ready-made toys. Smartivity toys boosts your child’s confidence, and empower them to become successful in real life. Smartivity toys are priced extremely reasonably and deliver the highest engagement and play value per rupee spent as compared to other toys.

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