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Age Appropriate Toys
for Girls & Boys

To Learn Basic Concepts in Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM)

To Learn Basic Concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM)

In a world that’s changing day after day, STEAM fields are essential for future success. 

Research has shown that right from an early age, kids have the capability to understand basic STEAM concepts.

And in fact, playing with Toys can be the most useful way to nurture your child’s interests and develop scientific temperament.

Continue reading to discover our top recommendations, for girls & boys, who have not played with our toys before.

Toys are sorted in age categories, starting with our picks for 6-8 year old kids, followed by toys for 8-14 year old kids. 

Toys for 6-8 Year Olds

1. Blast-Off Space Rocket (6-8 Years)

Every child wants to be an astronaut.

And with Smartivity's Blast Off Space Rocket S.T.E.A.M. Educational Toy, your child can turn their dreams into a reality.

The toy has all the elements that a child can assemble into a rocket and rocket-launcher and launch their own missions. The rocket launcher plate has a locking mechanism designed to make the game even more fun.

Once assembled, children can experiment with their rockets by varying the weight of the rocket and elasticity of the launch plate to understand the fundamentals of scientific concepts.

Your Child Learns: Gravity, Weight, Elasticity, Thrust, Propulsion

Anshu, a Smartivity Parent’s Review - “My son took it to school for his show and talked in school about science. Was a great experience since my 5 year old made it with little help from me and presented it to the class. Super idea”

Available for Rs. 699/-

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2. Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope (6-8 Years)

See your kid dazzle into a fascinating world of patterns and colours with Smartivity’s Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope.

A Kaleidoscope is not just another toy, but a gateway into an infinite sequence of patterns and colours. Designers and Artists, all over the world, use this toy as a source of inspiration and creativity. Introduce your child to a new magical dimension, where colours dance and wonders abound.

Beyond the colorful, vibrant beads and trinkets included in the kit, your child can use images, and objects of their choice to see using the Kaleidoscope.

Your Child Learns: Light, Reflection, Refraction, Shapes

Aditya Basu, a Smartivity parent's review - "The Instructions are clearly written with clear, accurate diagrams. The assembly was carried out jointly by my two daughters aged 8 and 5 years. they were engrossed and focussed during the process. they were thrilled with the end results and amazed that they could make something so beautiful. a day or two later the questions started coming, why six reflections, why three mirrors, why triangle. The quality of the product is also well thought, it is sturdy, robust, and easily handled by kids” 

Available for Rs. 749/-

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3. Payload Control Galaxy Quest (6-8 Years)

Are you ready to explore the planets, satellites, and moons across our solar system and beyond?

Smartivity’s Payload Control Galaxy Quest takes your child to a journey that has intrigued humans since the beginning of time - into the deep corners of the universe beyond our planet .
All you need is focus, control and concentration.

Starting with an easier mission, the construction toy takes your child through 6 gameboards of increasing complexity, demanding greater focus and dexterity. Through the process, they are introduced to the layers of earth's atmosphere, the planets of the solar system, different galaxies and a fantastical universe beyond. The countdown has started!

Your Child Learns: Gravity, Solar System, Dual Spool Mechanism 

Anuj Kumar, a Smartivity parent's review - “My nephew 7 year old loved it! Very creative design and concept is very good.” 

Available for Rs. 999/-

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Blast-off Space Rocket
Rs. 699.00
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Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope
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Payload Control Galaxy Quest
Rs. 999.00
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Toys for 8-14 Year Olds

1. Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane (8-14 Years)


Introduce your kid to the basics of hydraulic power, an engineering marvel that finds widespread use in daily life.

Hydraulic machines use power of water pressure to carry out specific tasks. The kit contains all the elements essential to build a fully-functional hydraulic crane, richly-illustrated and easy-to-understand step-by-step Instruction booklet and tools to embellish the project once built.

Once assembled, children can use their Hydraulic Cranes to lift objects and move them around. The project assembly provides at least a couple of hours engagement and the multiple game-play scenarios ensures that children proudly continue to play with the project for days and weeks thereafter.

Your Child Learns: Crane Mechanism, Hydraulic System, Pressure and Movement, Rack & Pinion Mechanism

Teton Tamuli, a Smartivity parent's review- “Well, you and your kid will enjoy assembling it and that's the big part of the whole fun here. Keep aside your work for few hours! Yes, sit with your kid, follow the instruction manual like an obedient student but don't forget to explain the science behind the design of various parts and keep assembling it! Me and my 7 year old kid enjoyed it!

Quality of the parts is excellent; I admired everything inside the box in terms of quality! The instruction manual is big but so well written and well organized that you will enjoy assembling the whole thing! 

Available for Rs. 1299/-

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2. Mechanical Hand (8-14 Years)

The coolest gift on every child's wish list across the world.

Smartivity Mechanical Hand allows your child to construct a fully-functional robotic hand of their own. With its realistic hand anatomy, the fingers move just like hand fingers.

Your child can grab things, make hand gestures, open door handles and even play catch! Smartivity Mechanical Hand introduces children to the marvellous anatomy of the hand, depicting the joints and bones of the fingers along with their ligaments and tendons.

High Five!

Your Child Learns: Gears, Hand Anatomy, Biomimicry 

Lavanya VR, a Smartivity parent's review - “This toy is quite well built with sturdy engineered wood which looks like cardboard. The illustrations in the book are very clear and easy to follow. My 8 year old son built the toy entirely on his own with no help from me. That is not to say the steps are not complicated or few in number. It just highlights how well the instruction booklet is written. The book also ends with an analogy with the human hand explaining the concepts of opposable thumbs, bones, joints, tendens, ligaments and muscles. Overall it's a well built package.

Quality of the parts is excellent; I admired everything inside the box in terms of quality! The instruction manual is big but so well written and well organized that you will enjoy assembling the whole thing! 

Available for Rs. 999/-

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3. Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine (8-14 Years)

Let's make music!

The coolest and latest education toy from Smartivity is music to every ear. With this project, children can actually compose their own music tunes.

The project includes all the elements required to build a music machine, including pegs for arranging and rearranging notes. Once assembled, children learn about music notations and can compose their own tunes by placing the pegs in different slots. The box also contains instructions for composing two simple tunes and allows children to explore the magical, wonderful world of music.

Your Child Learns: Music & Notes, Harmony, Creativity, Composition  

Raghav Basu, a Smartivity parent's review - “This is the second smartivity do-it-yourself toy I bought. Both my daughters 8, and 5 were excited and built it almost on their own. My help was more to stop their arguments than doing much to build the toy.

The instructions are written in plain, simple English (good exercise also in reading), the diagrams in the instructions are helpful. it took about 2 and 1/2 hours for them to complete the assembly (please remember there were arguments among them during the assembly which is included in the 150 minutes). Once the toy is assembled the fun does not end there. The instruction book has a few songs with peg positions, so even after the toy is complete they are buys changing the pegs and producing different songs. very happy with the product”

Available for Rs. 1299/-

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4. Roller Coaster Marble Slide (8-14 Years)

Is it a pool table? Is it a roller-coaster? It is both!

Because this is the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide. We have mashed-up a marble run and a pool table to design the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide.

The kit contains all the elements needed to assemble the Roller Coaster Marble Slide. A mix of slider game and pool table, this project is loads of fun to build and play. Once built, a kid can raise marbles along the wheel, and release them. As the marble slides down the track, they can aim the marble with the help of levers on the two sides. On the marble-pool part of the game, kids can place marbles in such a way that the striker marble coming from the slide track hits them and the strike sends them in the corner or side pockets.

Your Child Learns: Gears, Hand Anatomy, Biomimicry 

V Redey, a Smartivity parent's review - “I would consider myself as a strict grader of products. I am not easily impressed and usually expect a lot from anybody selling me anything - especially for my 6-year old. So please realize that when I say I absolutely LOVED this product, they must have done a lot of things well.

Quality: The finish of the laser-cut parts is amazing. Everything in this complex mechanism fit perfectly.

Design: Someone at Smartivity really thought through this design and assembly. It's a thing of beauty and works flawlessly in the end. All fastening is with non-messy rubber bands. The directions are easy, and even my 6-year old followed the instructions effortlessly.

Engaging: My hyperactive daughter stayed put for the entire time and was in a total state of flow in putting this assembly together. We collaborated on building it as a father-daughter team, and I have to say that I was totally into it too.The best use of the time and money we've invested in a build it yourself toy in a long LONG time!

Available for Rs. 899/-

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Mechanical Hand
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Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine
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Roller Coaster Marble Slide
Rs. 899.00
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Is your child ready for a future where Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the foundation of success? 

At Smartivity, we believe in the power of play to help our kids link practical learning to theories they pick up at school.

Our construction toys engage your child’s body and mind, that helps internalize and retain core concepts longer. The Joy & Pride of Making toys with their own hands builds a sense of accomplishment, ownership, responsibility and confidence among our kids. 

✔ Loved by 50 Lakh Kids, across 24 countries
✔ Made for Girls & Boys, 6-14 Years in Age
✔ Kids take 1-3 hours constructing the toys, with our easy to follow, step-by-step guide
✔ Meets Global Safety Standards, Made in India

By far, the coolest thing we built during this lockdown.

Nagraj B

Absolutely in love with Smartivity. Wish to get one of each of their products.

Aditi Syal

My child has decided to build a laboratory, thanks to Smartivity. A father cannot be prouder

Abhay Shelke

Check out toys from @smartivitylabs, which are available in larger Hamleys stores as well as online. Highly Recommend.

Nisha Khot

@smartivitylabs, awesome products guys! Everyone in the family loved STEMWheels. Great Experience

Ankur Joshi

Highly recommended for kids, @smartivitylabs, awesome products guys! Everyone in the family loved STEMWheels. Great Experience

Vara Prasad
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