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Box 1 - Month 1

Hydraulic Crane
Hydraulic Engineering At Play

Introduce your child to the marvels of engineering with our global bestseller Smartivity Pump It Move It Hydraulic Crane.

Watch your child's face light up with pride as they manoeuvre the crane's movement around 2 axes, and lift objects with the claspable jaw, all operated through simple syringes filled with water.

Let science do all the heavy-lifting!

STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Pressure and Movement
  • Rack and Pinion Mechanism
  • Crane Mechanism
  • Hydraulic System
  • Box 2 - Month 2

    CLickety Flix Retroscope
    Lights. Frames. Action!

    It's your child's turn to call the shots and be a film-maker.

    Introduce your child to the fundamentals of making movies with Smartivity Clickety Flix Retroscope.

    Build a 36-frame mechanical flip-book, and watch your child give wings to their imagination by creating their own animated films.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Persistence Of Vision
  • Gear Mechanisms
  • Film Making
  • Storytelling
  • Box 3 - Month 3

    STEMFormers Rover Bot (2-in-1)
    Transform A Wind-Up Car Into A Robot

    A car that can be turned into a robot... Just what your child dreamed of.

    Smartivity STEMFormers Rover-Bot 2-in-1 construction toy allows your child to construct two different toys using the same parts - a wind-up rover, and an attacking bot. In the process, your child is introduced to core understanding of STEAM concepts like wind-up mechanism, gears, elasticity, torque, transfer of energy and laws of motion.

    Race your Wind-Up Car or sling projectiles with your bot, this STEMFormer is ready for action, always.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Gear Mechanisms
  • Wind-Up Mechanism
  • Inertia, Motion and Transfer of Energy
  • Trajectories
  • Box 4 - Month 4

    Mix N Match Colour Imaginator
    Re-Invent The (Newton's) Wheel!

    Introduce your child to the world of colour theory and colour mixing with Mix N Match Colour Imaginator.

    Colour Imaginator encourages your child to explore colour theory in a scientific way, without creating a mess. The coloured sectors can be mixed and matched to create different combinations of colours based on persistence of vision. And, of course, we have gamified science for that extra fun.

    Build an awesome Newton's Wheel, explore Colour Theory fundamentals and win the colour imaginator game with flying colours.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Colour Theory
  • Gear Mechanisms
  • Persistence Of Vision

  • It is a win-win either way.

    STEAM CONCEPTS Your Child Will Learn Through This Activity:

    Colour Theory, Gear Mechanism, Persistence Of Vision
    Box 5 - Month 5

    Chess Attack
    Action-packed Chess!

    Chess, as your child would love to play it! Think, strategise and make your move. Or just aim and (literally) knock their pawns off with the mobile catapult.

    Once constructed, Chess Attack board has two catapults for opposing players. Players can use the marbles to knock down the opponent's pawns or make their own rules to make the game interesting

    Banish boredom and yell, "Chess, Attack!"

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Simple Machines
  • Angular Momentum
  • Projectile Motion & & Trajectories
  • Box 6 - Month 6

    Roller Coaster Marble Slide
    Marble Run Plays Pool

    Marble run feels pointless, so we gave it something to do - a purpose. By mashing it up with the good ol' pool table game.

    Just lift-release-roll those striker marbles, choose the track with the switch and aim the ramps to pocket marbles (and points).

    Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide gives all those rolling marbles somewhere to go and something to do!

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Gravity
  • Centrifugal Force
  • Momentum Transfer
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    Toys You Will Receive With This Subscription

    Box 1 - Month 1

    Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine
    Make Multiplication Fun!

    Cram it till you jam it is old school. So, we have created a multiplier to help your child play with multiplication!

    Smartivity Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine uses a set of pivoting links to reveal the multiplication product of 2 numbers between 1 and 12. You child flicks the two built in number spinners to receive the challenge numbers. Your child feeds in their answer to the multiplication of the numbers in the toy. Is the answer right, or wrong? Just move the pivoting links to find the correct answer.

    Smartivity's Fidget Digit Multiplying Machine is the most appropriate and relevant study table accessory for kids, helping them get stronger and faster at mental multiplication.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Commutative Property of Numbers
  • Link Mechanism
  • Multiplication
  • Squares Of Numbers
  • Box 2 - Month 2

    Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope
    Share A Slice Of Your Childhood

    Remember those lazy afternoons spent exploring colours and patterns with a kaleidoscope?

    Well, we just brought them back. Introduce your child to a magical new dimension, where colours dance and wonders abound.

    Beyond the colourful and vibrant beads and trinkets included in the kit, Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope allows your child to experiment with objects of their choice and helps them explore the world of patterns and designs.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Shapes & Patterns
  • Opacity & Transparency
  • Box 3 - Month 3

    Payload Control Galazy Quest
    Hop On For Missions Across Space

    Want to go on a journey across space? All you need is focus, control and concentration...

    Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest introduces your child to the concept of pulley-mechanism, momentum transfer and tension as they go on a mission to deliver payloads to different destinations across the universe.

    Starting with an easier mission, the construction toy takes your child through 6 gameboards of increasing complexity, demanding greater focus and dexterity.

    Through the process, they are introduced to the layers of earth's atmosphere, the planets of the solar system, different galaxies and a fantastical universe beyond. The countdown has started.

    Time to suit-up!

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Gravity
  • Pulley Mechanisms
  • Layers Of Atmosphere & Solar System
  • Tension
  • Box 4 - Month 4

    Gear Propellor Flying Machine
    Young Aviators, Fasten Your Seatbelts!

    Your child, the aviator! Watch children build and play with Smartivity Gear Propellor Flying Machine as they learn the fundamental concepts of Gears, Aerodynamics, Transfer of Motion and Flight.

    With 2 gears for different speeds, 2 types of wings to explore aerodynmics, and a unique mechanism to change the angle of the wings, this ingenious toy offers endless possibilities of gameplays.

    Let's soar to the skies!

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Gears
  • Aerodynamics
  • Weight
  • Rack and Pinion Mechanism
  • Box 5 - Month 5

    Blast Off Space Rocket
    Let The Countdown Begin!

    Bring your child's dream of becoming an astronaut to life with Smartivity's Blast Off Space Rocket.

    This construction toy is based on the principles of Elasticity, Gravity, Thrust and Propulsion. Once assembled, children can experiment with their rockets by varying the weight of the rocket and elasticity of the launch plate to understand the fundamentals of scientific concepts.

    Prepare for take-off!

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Gravity
  • Elasticity
  • Weight
  • Box 6 - Month 6

    STEMWheels Rally Racer
    Rule The Circuit!

    Smartivity's STEMWheels Rally Racer construction car takes adrenaline rush to the next level!

    Introduce your child to the concepts of motion, elasticity and momentum, faster than your child's car can race across the finish line.

    Build your own car, load it into the launcher and watch it go zoom!

    Challenge your friends for a race and compete for the title of the champion.

    STEAM Concepts Your Child Will Learn Through Play:
  • Momentum
  • Elasticity
  • Motion