What's In A Smartivity Box?

Smartivity activity boxes are made with love to ensure safety and engagement of your li'l one.

Crafted with care and with meticulous adherence to international safety norms, all elements in Smartivity activity boxes are made from the finest quality materials. The activities created from these elements are tough and durable.

Each Smartivity activity box contains all the elements needed for an engagement-driven 'Smart Learning' experience for you and your child. We use high-quality MDF to craft the elements and include child-safe colouring material and embellishing tools for you and your li'l one to have all the fun without any worries.



Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

A richly illustrated, easy-to-understand guide with step-by-step instructions to build a project.


Essential Elements 

Each Smartivity activity box contains all the elements and tools needed to create the prescribed activity. This includes all the assembly elements, tools to decorate and embellish the activity as well as additional resources to play with the activity created.


World-class, Safe and Non-Toxic Materials


Conformite Europeenne

Smartivity activity boxes conform to the highest of international standards of safety. The materials used are child-friendly and non-toxic.