Who Is Smartivity For?

Parents Seeking Active Engagement and Learning Experiences for Their Kids

Smartivity activities are designed to spur creative, analytical and practical intelligences in kids aged 4 years and above. As such, Smartivity is designed to delight and thrill parents who realise the importance of active engagement. And it is an ideal kid engagement solution for you, if:

As a parent, you are forever faced with the question: "How do I keep my li'l one engaged in a way that is both fun and helpful?"

As a parent, you feel a pang every time you relent when 5 minutes of 'cartoon TV time' stretches to an hour, just because you want the restless li'l one to stay in one place for a while.

As a parent, you feel guilty every time you hand over your mobile phone or iPad to your child just to keep him occupied while you focus on work.

As a parent, you are tired of visits to malls and multiplexes every weekend.

As a parent, you would love to create lasting memories of building something in collaboration with your li'l one.

As a parent, you appreciate the importance of making something with your own hands.

As a parent, you want to give a return gift that will truly reflect your progressive values.

As a parent, you are looking for a gift for a li'l one that will be cherished and remembered for long after the special occasion. 


Friends and Relatives Looking for a Smart Gift for Kids They Love

Ever found yourself wondering what to gift the lovely little son or daughter of the friend who has invited you for a birthday party/dinner?

Ever got tired of giving the same old toys and boardgames to your beloved nephews and nieces and wanted to gift something constructive, something relevant, something that is cool? 

Smartivity activity boxes make for a perfect gift to grandchildren, nephews, nieces and "kids of friends" you love and care for. With a core philosophy of inspiring Smart Intelligence, Smartivity activity boxes go beyond the ready-made toys and games that fall under the use-break-dump cycle. Smartivity activity boxes are crafted with highest concern for kids' safety. Durable, long-lasting materials are used in assembling the activities and highest international standards are adhered to in crafting a Smartivity experience. As such, Smartivity activity boxes are the smartest gifting ideas if:

You are looking for a gift that stands-out from the clutter and impresses the parents.

You are looking a gift that helps the li'l ones learn while they play.

You want to gift something that helps parents and children spend quality time bonding together.

You want to be the coolest (and most responsible) Uncle/Aunt/Grandparents. Ever.