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India's No. 1 Motion & Mechanics Toys Store

There are a number of things that children need to learn and grow up to become successful adults. One of the most important things that children need to learn is the ability to solve problems and take on challenges. This is the reason why children need mechanics toys that help them figure out ways to approach a challenge. Smartivity Toys have them covered with colorful toy sets and interactive toys. Our team of designers and engineers works hard to create new products that offer children the best possible learning experience. Our mission at Smartivity is to create the most amazing learning tools for children and help them tap into their inner creativity and imagination. We are committed to promoting a child-friendly environment where children can play and develop the skills that they need to grow up to be happy and successful adults. Smartivity believes that every child is born with a natural sense of creativity and wonder. Instead of trying to limit such an essential part of a child’s development, we at Smartivity Toys want to help them make the most of it.

Early Learning: The benefits of Motion & Mechanics in the growing years

Motion & Mechanics toys are beneficial to children in a number of ways. 

  1. First, they help kids develop gross motor skills as they explore their environment and play with the toys. 
  2. Second, they encourage kids to practice fine motor skills as they manipulate the toys and mold them into different shapes. 
  3. Third, these toys help build confidence in children by helping them learn how to interact with the world around them.
  4. Fourth, a mechanic toy set can help young children develop problem-solving skills and learn how to identify when something is not working properly.
  5. Finally, these learning gifts for 5-year-olds provide parents with a fun way to bond with their children while promoting healthy development in their children.

Why is the Motion & Mechanics toy so important?

Motion & Mechanics toy based learning is essential for children’s development. They teach children how to focus and how to use their muscles. They also help children with motor skills, coordination, and balance. The more children are encouraged to play and move with a mechanical toy, the better they will be able to learn and develop. Motion & Mechanics toys are especially important for children who have autism or other developmental disorders. By encouraging them to use their bodies, they can learn social interactions that they would not otherwise be able to. They can also be used in therapy sessions for children who have physical disabilities or learning disabilities.

Motion & Mechanics Toys

Mechanical toys are educational toys that use a powered mechanism. They can operate without batteries. Mechanical toys are great for building imagination, creativity and mathematical skills. In many cases, children would rather play with mechanical toys than play with other toys. Apart from being great to play with, the joy of learning comes when a child realizes that he or she can make things happen by using a small mechanism that is just one of many types of mechanical toys available. The best way to teach your child about the different types of mechanical toys is to encourage them to play with them themselves.

Kids Toy machine –

Motion-activated toys machine are toys that react to movement. They might be a blast-off space rocket toy which is a great way to teach kids about motion, force, and inertia or crazy wheels toy which is powered by motion and can make your kid move around in the room while pushing the wheel. It’s also a great toy for improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Most motion-activated toys are battery-operated and can be programmed to switch on and off at specific times and intervals. They are perfect for kids who love playing outdoors, as they can be used to play hide-and-seek or to keep an eye on what is going on outside. They can also be useful for children with autism as motion-activated toys can help them focus and concentrate better. 

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Motion & Mechanics for Kids –

It’s vitally important to provide your children with safe and environmentally friendly toys for play. While these toys may not seem to be a big deal at first, the effects of their play can have a lasting impact on the environment, especially when they are made from materials that are harmful to the environment in the long run. By choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable toys, you can ensure that your children will help to preserve our already fragile environment. You can also help ensure that they are playing in a safe and healthy environment by choosing harmless and non-toxic materials for their toys.

How our wooden mechanical toys are Safe for your Kids

The Smartivity wooden learning toys are made of 100% engineered wood and non-toxic paints. These wooden toys are recommended for kids ages 3 years and above. Some of the benefits of using Smartivity’s wooden toys include: The toys are designed to be safe and secure. The wooden toys will not splinter, crack or break when dropped. They will also not attract bugs or other insects into your home. These wooden mechanical toys will last through many years of regular usage and care. They can withstand rough handling, rough play, and even drops from a high height. The Smartivity wooden toys are environmentally friendly, meaning that they can be used for multiple purposes over time without affecting the environment negatively. 

How does a mechanical toy work? 

The term "mechanical" is used to distinguish toys that are powered by a mechanical device from those that have no moving parts and thus rely only on gravity. Most, motion-activated toys are powered by a mechanism that produces motion in some form. Some of the common mechanisms used in toys are cams, cranks, gears, and levers. Each movement that is produced by the machine can be replicated in different ways, depending on the type of toy, but all mechanical toys will share the same basic movements which are the most basic types of movements that machines and toys can produce. For example, consider a machine toy that moves back and forth, using a row of wooden bars and a rod with a cam attached to the end of it. The bars have holes in them, and the rod is placed in the holes. As the child pulls the rod back and forth, the cam will open and close the holes. This is a simple example of a simple form of mechanical motion, where the bars are fixed in place and the cam turns a rod. When the rod is pulled, the cam pushes closed the holes and the rod goes back and forth. Because the bars are fixed in place, an adult can pull the rod in any direction. 

How do you make a toy with moving parts?

It’s no surprise that a toy that moves is loved by kids. But how do you make something that moves? There are many parts to consider when designing a moving toy: how it works, what it looks like, and how it feels when you play with it. First, think about the different parts of wooden mechanical toys and how they interact with each other. For example, if the toy has wheels, think about how those wheels can move in different ways. Likewise, if there’s a lever or button on the toy, think about how you can use those parts to make it move. And if the toy is made from multiple pieces, think about how these pieces can be fun to put together and take apart again and again. Once you have an idea for what your toy might look like, you can start looking for materials. You might want to work with different kinds of wood to create something that feels nice in your hand or fits well with your decor. Next, you might want to start designing the toy itself by sketching out a rough idea of what you want the final product to look like. And finally, once you have all your ideas in place, you can start building. 


What are the benefits of STEM toys? –

STEM-based toys promote children’s development in several ways.

  1. Learning by Discovery - Most children are naturally curious. They want to explore everything around them. However, they often don’t have the right tools to do this. STEM Toy machine makes it possible for children to discover and internalize things. They also learn the importance of building and using their own creations.
  1. Interacting with the World Around You - Another way that these motion toys aid in child development is by encouraging them to interact with the world around them. Playing with toys like blocks and other building materials helps a child to understand the world around them. With these opportunities, children can build, create and explore their environment. It also helps them to understand how things work.
  1. Expressing Creativity -  Playing with toys like building toys and other creative learning and educational toys help a child to get into their creative zone.