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India's No. 1 Toy & Games Store

Smartivity brings a variety of toys to give your toddlers the world’s best experience sitting right in their rooms. Offering the most outstanding range of kids’ educational toys, we are inspired to make a true and important difference in the lives of children. Your child is the most precious gift for you and it is a blessing to watch them grow up. Parents ensure that their kids get the best of everything, and we are helping you in accomplishing this responsibility. 

By introducing the concept of learning in toys, you nurture the cognitive intelligence, critical thinking, and creativity in your kids. Toy-based learning ensures that your kids also learn along with having a great playtime. Children are born ready to learn and as their caregivers, you must make sure that they develop the right skills to become independent and lead a healthy life. This foundation can be best built through the toys and games for kids that introduce early learning. 

Early Learning: The benefits of Toy & Games in the growing years

Let us understand how Kids' toys and games help in the overall development of the child:

  1. Screen-free playtime

Kids of this smart generation are born with the art of using smartphones and other smart devices. They love to explore digital games and play rhymes and tunes on youtube. But long hours of screen time at this tender age will affect their eyes in the long run. Interactive kids learning toys hold the potential to substitute digital screens and keep kids engaged for longer hours off-screen.

  1. Increased hours of play

Whether the parents are working or not, it is not possible to dedicate all the time of their day to the kids. Along with taking care of the well-being of the baby, mothers have to fulfill responsibilities towards their life as well. Thus, it becomes important to find out things/games that can keep kids engaged for long hours. Educational games toys do wonders here.

Not only do these learning toys keep kids glued, but they also train their brain muscles, making them feel tired. This eventually helps them sleep better. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Toy & Games for Kids

Kids have a habit of entering everything they hold into their mouths. Also, keeping kids away from sharp objects is also a task for the caretaker. Thus, smartivity ensures that all the toys we provide are safe and do not release any toxins. To keep a check on the safety of your child and the environment, smartivity offers a range of wooden toys and early learning toys that are eco-friendly as well as safe to play with. 

  1. Early introduction to the concepts of Science, Math, and creative arts

If given the right set of toys, kids get their Montessori education even before they join pre-school. Playing with a wide variety of kids' toys and games, they start realizing what they love playing with more. Some would love to choose construction toys, and some will choose colors and shapes. Some might choose some whacky puzzles and the others choose math toys. Smartivity has the best-in-class science kits for kids, kids math toys, and kids engineering toys, for all age groups, that foster their mental growth. 

  1. Manuals/Video assistance inducing self-learning

The smartivity kit comes with a descriptive and elaborative manual that helps kids understand how to play by the rules. While some curious minds will find a way without taking the help of any manual, some others will learn how to play by watching youtube video tutorials as well. 

  1. Improved Decision Making

When kids start exploring, they also learn to choose. Playing with the right set of kids' toys builds a habit of identifying which toy they like to play with more than the others. 

Thus, to support healthy brain growth and put kids right on the path of learning and development, educational toys and games for kids are musts.

Why is STEM education important?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is important for children of all ages and abilities. The foundation of learning is beat built via plying. Thus to stretch the imagination and creativity of kids STEM education is important. Explore the vast library of educational toys and games for kids with Smartivity.

All kid's toys at Smartivity have been crafted with the utmost care, keeping in mind the safety of children. We believe that play and learning should go together. So, go ahead and gift your kids with the best toys from our collection and prepare them for the future! 


  1. What is the purpose of educational toys?

Educational toys are an innovative way of making kids learn along with playing. This leads to early learning and cognitive development. Kids unlock socio-emotional and interpersonal skills by learning how to communicate. Above all, these kids' toys kindle curiosity in kids.

  1. What skills do toys teach?

Early learning toys introduce the concepts of science, math, and engineering leading to a child’s growth in terms of problem-solving, discovery, and innovation. Our collection of board games, construction and building games, wooden toys, 3D puzzles, and games are some of the toys that can be used to induce early brain development in kids. 

  1. How do toys affect children's development?

Kids quickly imitate behaviors. They observe how you eat, walk and talk or express things and they adopt those practices. Toys help kids adopt a habit of focussing and thinking creatively. These communication skills, motor skills, and the practice of creativity, that they inculcate as an infant or in the early years of growth will reflect and benefit them later in their lives.