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Robotic Mechanical Hand | Build-It-Yourself STEAM Toy | FREE Custom Stickers | 8-14 Years

High Hopes

Waiting for my Grandson’ arrival for his response
Showed the boxes through video calls
He is pretty excited
Will post once he’s having the party


My Son loved the toy very much and is looking forward to play with other activities as well.

good project, need minor improvement

the base of it needs more stability or an anchor point to hold on to table top etc for topple free operations

I booked one when I can get the same

After seeing I booked this item please give tracking the item


Good experiment and more education

Telescope | Build-It-Yourself STEAM Kit | 8x Magnification | 8-15 years

Keeps kids busy

This is a construction based activity and the good thing is that it can help you to keep the kids interested in one thing for a long time. They are able to work better on their problem solving skills. It is true that the process might seem to be difficult but once you start the construction, it will feel like a piece of cake. The instructions are clearly mentioned in the booklet and I was thrilled to see how my kid who is is just 8-year- old, followed it with such precision. It is quite a worthy buy and your kids will be engaged for a long time. The components are also made up of completely non toxic substances and hence I simply love it!

Toy for father-son bonding.

Because my son is just 4.5 years, I had a lot of apprehensions about whether he will be able to assemble the toy alone and this is where I was taken aback. The time that his father and he spent on assembling it was precious. I made one part and then he wanted to do the other. Have to say, that he was able to join atleast 95% of the parts by himself. Although it took almost an hour to get done with the setup, my little one loved the end result. He loved playing with it as well. Due to rain, a part of it was completely drenched however due to premium quality internal packaging, the components were in top condition. Each part is perfect and can be assembled very easily. The tool is quite sturdy as well and hence I surely look forward to more such amazing products from them. I will surely purchase more such options in the range.

Magnification could have been better

The assembly process is extremely fun. However, a major difference with Lego is that there, you can assemble and disassemble as many times as you want. But this is not the case here. You can choose to assemble only once however play with it as many times as you want. The quality of the lens needs to be a bit good however, the magnification is quite promising. But the experience would be better if they focused more on the lenses.

Easy to assemble.

I loved the product and the good thing is that it is extremely easy to assemble as well. You will notice that they have got a detailed guide of all the steps. It is true that this might take you some time and for the small parts, it can be more difficult and intricate to follow. The material of extremely good quality. The major drawback of the set is the dimension of the viewing area can be a little small for the children.

Engaging product

I just got the set for my nephew who is just 8 year old for his birthday. He was so in love with the gift that he kept awake the entire night and worked on it so that he could implement it better. After he was done building it, he showed the same to each and every member of the family and with such great pride. However, the drawback is that you might have to explain the game to him because my nephew could not fathom it alone. Not only that, the younger one tried to swallow a few of the balls that came with it so parental guidance is extremely important.

Pinball Machine DIY STEAM Game
Review Master Critic
Had fun assembling this product

I have to thank the innovative minds at Smartivity for this wonder piece. The good thing about this is that I gifted it to my 7-year-old and he did the entire assembly by himself without any help. The machine resembles the original one and although it took him 10 hours to complete, it was an engaging task for him certainly. The design and the concept behind the model is worthy of acknowledgement. The best part is that the product is not an one time game . After your kid is done assembling, they will surely have a good time playing it every time as well. You will see that there are the steps that are mentioned clearly in the booklet. It is one of the most informative options and I am really looking forward to coming across more such fun and creative models from their end. I know that I will purchase each of the models that they come up with.

Engaging product

I started to assemble the parts with my kid and have to say that although it took one week, I enjoyed my time assembling it. Although, there were a few parts that were missing from the packet, the team from Smartivity sent it to me without additional costs after I communicated with them the problem. I would specifically love to give five stars to all the domains be it for sturdiness, the finger action and proficiency that it wants or even the instruction manual. The parts are made with wood and this is one of the major reasons why it is so durable in nature. You will see that the manual is extremely well equipped and will help you to have all the right knowledge. After you have found out what are the parts, you will be more interested for the process to start.

Best gift for my daughter

I never knew that toys can be so much fun. I had bought the plane launcher for my 6-year-old but then saw her 13-year-old brother helping her out and playing with it as well. The best part is that you can get it for younger kids as well and when they watch you assembling it, they will want to emulate you. You will see that each of the parts have a distinct mark and at the same time there are all clear instructions as well that you can follow.

Even adults can enjoy this product.

Although I bought it for my daughter, I cannot deny that this is probably the best gift for me as well. I had a fun time after my daughter gave up assembling, which was probably in just 5 minutes. Not only the packaging of the product, even the instructions are super simple to follow. After the product was made, my daughter had a great time enjoying it and thankfully, she was engaged with the product for a long time. In my free time, this is the best thing for me and I love playing with it. I keep on watching new YouTube videos and then make various different planes. Sometimes, we launch the plane indoors also. Trust me, it's great fun.

Many toys in one, good for learning

Hydraulics kit is a very well- designed toy with so many options. It helps children learn about hydraulics a bit. Easy to assemble. Specs option is not so interesting. Also, there are some errors in manual.

Son enjoyed it.

My kids love the toys from Smartivity and this time I got the Smartivity Clash of Cyborgs. The concept is such that my 10-year-old had immense fun. He assembled the entire thing (well, most of it) by himself and was so busy till the time he finished it. The product is of great quality and the good thing is that it comes with a manual with all the instructions clearly mentioned. It is the ultimate option if you want to engage the little ones and want them to ditch the screen for once. I will always say that this is the best toy set for my son.

Kid-friendly product

The first thing that i have to mention that the games from Smartivity are what I call kid-friendly and unique in nature. Before I got it for my kids, I had seen tons of kids playing with it and so I thought of ordering them for my little one as a birthday present. Both my boys were thrilled to get the toys and because it had a multi-player option. The screen time for my kids have reduced considerably and the quality of the game is also at par. It is great for kids who are creative and love to build things.

Interesting cognitive game

The concept of the game is quite fascinating and it is like an exercise of the brain for my kids. It is like a fight game between the little ones and is quite interesting. The games come with a multiplayer option and hence it is great for my two kids. It is one of the very few games that both my kids enjoy playing together and the good thing is that the congintive skills of children are boosted.

Loved the product.

I might refrain from calling it a toy and this is solely because of the attention it needs. But no matter what you call it, the good thing is that it is worth the money that you spend. Not only the engineered wood quality, it is also very important to mention that the instructions are also very clear. The final end up product is amazing and these are great for kids who are fascinated in the field of science and want to pursue the field. There is a sample cloth which ends up undermining the quality of magnification. You will be able to use some other samples like onion skin and was quite fascinated with the results. I have to mention here that it might not be justified with the picture of the onion skin that I have provided but the visuals that I saw with my eyes were beyond my imagination.

Engaging and fun

It is a great engaging product for the kid but I would suggest in making the lenses more sturdy in quality. I got it for my 9-year-old and she could easily craft it with a little bit of guidance only. She could also easily see things like cloth leaves and etc in it.

Great workmanship

I would love to appreciate the craftsman skills that has been deployed to formulate the model. It is indeed a very unique gifting option. However, be it the microscope stage or even the up down movement needs a little bit of more smoother surface. I also have to mention that the visibility is only for transmission mode and so if you want to look at opaque objects say a coin, it might not be possible until you choose to illuminate the same from the sides. The magnification is around 5x and hence i have to say that it is quite a good one.

Perfect gift for an 8-year-old

I cannot believe it!!! I had considered buying the kit a few times before I actually ended up buying it as a birthday gift for my 8-year-old. I would not lie that when it was first delivered and I took a look at the parts and the manual, I was extremely dumbfounded. However, the good thing is that it did not last a long time. It took us for around 3 hours to assemble the entire set and once we started, it did not seem to be that difficult to be honest. What helped us most was the step-by-step instructions and the part numbers as well. I feel it is the most fun project and with kids. You will be able to spend some quality time with each other for sure! Once the assembly was done, I felt super happy with the quality and it is worth mentioning for sure. I feel like it is an actual pinball machine, just that it does not have the sound and the light. Now whenever I get some break time, I join my kids and play a round. The only thing that I would suggest is to make the packaging box stronger, so that you can use the base for storing the products. Good job Smartivity and do keep it up !!!

Awesome playkit

This is one of the most fun options that I have purchased in the recent few years and I had a blast assembling all the parts. I followed all the instructions and it took me about 4 hours to make everything ready. If you are someone who just like me enjoys putting the pieces of a puzzle together, then this is the ultimate game for you! The pieces come together very easily. Although I did not face any major issues till now, there is a reset button that happens to get stuck sometimes. Rest assured, the interface of the game is such that you will certainly have a lot of fun with it!