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Pirate's Telescope Toy

Pirate's Telescope Toy


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Age 8+
Building Time: 60 min

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Land, Ahoy!
Wear your patch and embark on an adventure!

Introduce your child to the thrill of building their own collapsible pocket telescope with Smartivity Pirate’s Telescope STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit.

Designed for young explorers and adventurers, Smartivity Pirate’s Telescope kit comes with all the parts and a step-by-step instruction manual needed to assemble an 8x magnification pocket telescope. The retractable mechanism allows your child to adjust the focus and learn the fundamentals of lens system based magnification.
This amazing pocket telescope will also introduce your child to a magical way of measuring height and distances based on trigonometric ratios!

Each kit includes Smartivity’s world-class Instruction Manual with easy-to- understand, richly illustrated, colour-coded, one-step-per-page, step-by- step instructions to build this cool construction toy.

Smartivity Pirate’s Telescope is the coolest way to learn fundamentals of optics and also a practical way to understand application of the complex concept of trigonometric ratios, helping children connect the abstract mathematical concept to real world benefits.

Follow the instructions in the booklet to build your Smartivity Pirate's Telescope. Lift your telescope to your eye, place your eye near the eye-piece, and look into the distance (outside your window or balcony) and adjust the focus to see objects far away, up-close.

Want to find out how far or how high the object you are watching is? Just use the trigonometric information on the telescope, and experience the magic of maths and physics working together!
Box Weight100 gms
Box Dimensions7 x 8 x 24 cm

The box contains

No Tools, No Mess A sheet with parts made of reengineered Pine Wood. We make sure that the parts are free of splinters which means it’s safe for your child. It is 100% eco-friendly with no glue. We use Elastic Bands to support the parts together. Illustrated Instruction Manual The kit comes with a Richly Illustrated, Easy-To-Understand Instruction Manual with Big, Clear Images. It helps your child understand each and every step without any difficulty Learner Activities This sheet helps and motivates your child to play with the toy in the best way possible. It also explains all the STEAM concepts your child will learn while playing.

Your child will learn...

Trigonometric Ratios There are three basic trigonometric ratios: sine , cosine , and tangent . Given a right-angled triangle, you can calculate the relationship between lengths of the sides of the triangle using sine (or cosine, or tangent) of either of the non- 90° angles. Refraction Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one transparent substance into another. This bending by refraction makes it possible for us to have lenses, magnifying glasses, prisms and rainbows. Even our eyes depend upon this bending of light. Depth of Field Depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and the farthest objects that are in acceptably sharp focus in an image.


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