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Smartivity Construction Crane: Let Young Ones Make AND Break

by Smartivity on Sun, Feb 27, 22

Smartivity Construction Crane: Let Young Ones Make AND Break

If there’s one thing we’re always worried about (and also sure about) when children play around the house is their ability to break things. From precious home decor to expensive gadgets, they have the ability to ‘Build Like Bob and Wreck Like Ralph!’ However much we scold and warn them, or secretly hope they don’t break something new again, it’s impossible to keep their energy contained. 

So why not direct it somewhere else instead? A toy that allows them to understand what goes into making something, and the freedom to break things with it! Is that even possible, you ask? 

With Smartivity’s Construction Crane, it now is! The Construction Crane is a toy crane that will stimulate your young one’s mind, help them understand the science and energy that goes behind making something. (So they can hopefully feel sorry and think to be more careful to avoid breaking something.) And for their entertainment, they get to use all that destructive energy into playing with the toy they created with their own hands! Win-win, right? 

Let’s deep dive into what the STEM toy crane is about and how it will help your child practically learn (and enjoy) some important rules of physics.

Creator’s thoughts behind the product: Smartivity’s Construction Crane

“So far we haven’t created a product in our range that explains how pulley systems and spool mechanisms work and how these simple concepts are used in our everyday lives. This product was created to fill that learning gap for children. We also wanted to promote freedom and experimental play by giving them scope to lift anything they want with the crane or test out counterweights with different objects in the house. “


Multiple Gameplays, Multiple Learnings! 

With Smartivity’s Construction Crane, your young wrecker will get multiple gameplays, namely, a stacking game, a wrecking game and counterweights play. And not just that, gameplay with smartivity’s educational toys for kids like the Construction Crane comes with core learnings such as pulley systems that will teach your child about the science behind, and the applications of single, double and triple pulley systems. Moreover, let your child learn about the center of gravity with weight and knobs of the construction crane. And to top it all, or topple it all, introduce the concepts of angles to your child through the mechanism of Smartivity’s Construction Crane.


Sparking Experimentation with Curiosity

With Smartivity’s Construction Crane, you will allow your child’s curious mind to fully board their imagination train (all while they learn important concepts of Physics such as Gravity, Angles and Pulleys.) Different pulley systems, counterweight baskets and more will allow them to see and use everyday items around the house in a different light. 


Heavy Learnings, Easy Play 

Just because Smartivity’s Construction Crane promises the introduction to heavy concepts of Physics such as Gravity (pun intended), Angles and Pulleys to your young minds, it doesn’t imply that building or playing with the toy will be tough. Even though the toy crane comes with heavy learning, play time will still be like play time for your young child. 

Nourishing the minds of builders of tomorrow

The way Smartivity’s educational wooden toys like the Construction Crane works is that because it involves creating from scratch, the toys impart your child with motor skills, and thus boosts self esteem and confidence in young minds. The accomplishment of making their own toy will fill your child with a sense of pride and amazement at what is possible if they use a little imagination, curiosity and fun to create their own worlds. 


Allowing them to recklessly break things while they learn how to make them too

There’s nothing better and more satisfying than allowing children to be children. Let them be filled with mischief and even better, give them company while they’re at it! The benefit of educational toys like Smartivity’s construction crane is that they can wreck it like Ralph, and build it like Bob right back. And the best thing? The toys won’t be damaged either. They can break the stacked building blocks, but they can’t break the toys by being their mischievous selves. And if at all they lose parts of the toy, it’s as easy to replace as getting them to play with these educational toys! 

If you have something else in mind for your child to learn, don’t worry! There’s a whole range of educational STEM toys to browse from, based on your young one’s age at www.smartivity.in