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The Best 5 Learning Toys for Kids

The Best 5 Learning Toys for Kids

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield Jamison

When we think of toys and games for our kids, we somehow think of it as a waste of time, or think of it as precious time that they could use for studying instead. What we sometimes miss thinking about is that children need the act of play to keep their minds energised and occupied and hence, ready and motivated to learn. 

Even the greatest scientists like Einstein got their best ideas when they were relaxing and playing, or in adult terms ‘experimenting’ with their ideas. After all, what else is play but a series of experiments and problem solving in fun ways? 

But of course, there’s another side to play in our modern world. We’re bombarded with a plethora of toys and engaging activities for kids which might or might not benefit them. That’s where our role as parents and caregivers come into the picture. We can find the right educational toys that will nourish their minds and make them learn things as opposed to toys that they will break by the end of the day, without even giving them a chance to learn how they were made. 

That’s exactly where STEAM educational toys come into the picture. These science toys and kids learning toys will nourish your child’s mind as they can be built from scratch and then broken to be reassembled too! So whatever they do, you wouldn’t need to worry about them making it or breaking it. 

So when you’re ready to take your young ones on a playful, yet learning journey, here are the 5 best kids learning toys you can get home: 

1. Amazing Science Lab 

    If you’re looking for educational toys that will get your kids excited about science, the amazing science lab has it all! With 44 different experiments, equipment, chemicals and instructions, it’s the perfect recipe to spark the joy of curiosity in your young scientists. 

    Science toys like these are a great, fun way to get your kids hooked on science experiments at home. They’ll get their hands dirty, create a mess, have fun and learn with such educational toys, all at once. Win-win for everyone! 

    Age: 6+ years

    Get the kit home: Amazing Science Lab