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Why Parental Bonding is a Requisite for Your Child’s Growth and Learning

by Smartivity on Sat, Jan 29, 22

Why Parental Bonding is a Requisite for Your Child’s Growth and Learning

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”- Jesse Jackson

 Being a parent is a series of experimenting, listening to your instinct and of course, it also invlves making plenty of inevitable mistakes. And even though some mistakes are totally unavoidable, there are some things caregivers and parents need to be mindful about when their young ones are in the most important stage for brain development.

As the NCBI mentions in their study, The experiences an infant and the growth and development of a preschooler has with their caregivers are crucial to the early wiring and pruning and enable millions and millions of new connections in the brain to be made. Repeated interactions and communication lead to pathways being laid down that help memories and relationships form and learning and logic to develop.”

To summarise, the brains of infants and childhood growth and development, (social, emotional and cognitive,) depends on how the young child experiences love or attachment in early stages of life.

However, there’s no need for panic when it comes to figuring out the right thing to do. Because again, with every new experience, especially parenting, people will be bound to make mistakes, and every mistake can be a good learning experience as caregivers. 

But when looking for ways to be mindful about the kind of care you’ll be giving, here are some tips that you can practice to make sure you’re creating a loving and healthy bond and therefore a healthy childhood experience for your kid. 


Don’t hold back on showing love, but also don’t go overboard

It’s tricky being a parent and a caregiver. You can never know the exact amount of love you’re required to give, and you can also only give the kind of love you’ve received in the past. But if there’s one thing you should trust your instinct on is do not go to extremes. Do not hold back on your love, but also don’t go overboard with your love. Too much love can spoil them, and too less can end up developing them into anxious, insecure adolescents and adults. So trust your instinct and observe the kind of love you give, and how well they’re receiving it. 


Be completely present 

 It’s the age of distractions, and we’re all victims. But when it comes to being with your kids, as parents and caregivers, learn how to be completely present with them. Firstly, your young ones will always be learning from you. So when you set the boundaries of being completely present around them, they can learn from you, feel loved and make other people feel heard and appreciated in their company as well. So when they talk, no matter what about, make sure you’re all ears. If they’re fascinated by something you find completely mundane, drop your perspective and try to adopt theirs for the meanwhile. Who knows, you might get back your childlike curiosity for the better! 


Make time for play

One of the most important things you can give to your kids in for childhood growth and development is the freedom and time to play. Even more so, the freedom to make you their playing partner. And when it comes to toys, there are now a range of educational toys you can choose from, to make play time fun, as well as educational for them (and guilt free for you!) 

For example, think about a game that could teach young minds about real physics concepts of levers, energy transfer, momentum transfer. And then imagine the pride your little ones will feel after they’ve built it with you! There’s no better way to strengthen your bond with your child like building something with them. And in the process, you might end up learning much about yourself too!


Take time off the screen

Another consequence of the modern world that we all now deal with is screen time. Although difficult, it is of utmost importance to make them take time off the screen (while you do it too.) It’s one of the best ways to foster the positivity of face to face interaction for the growth and development of a preschooler and also allows you to spend more quality time together. Science toys, educational games, making art together, all can contribute to making your young ones have more enjoyment time at home while they learn all kinds of social skills like empathy, teamwork and being 100% present wherever they might be. 


Be strict, but not too much

 It’s tough to make rules for young ones, especially during lockdown when sometimes you just want to not care and let them do whatever they want. That is, until there’s broken crockery and a basketball in your sink, or a greater mess that they’ve created. Again like love you will need to follow your gut to make decisions about how harsh you can get, and where you need to stop yourself. 

Make rules they can easily follow, and ones that help keep your peace of mind and your home all intact, in one piece. 


Create rituals to spend time together

When your children are growing up, you are setting the standards of spending quality time with other human beings, so make sure you set the tone right. You can create some rituals and schedules that include things you both enjoy doing with each other. Like they say there’s a time for learning, a time for play and a time to relax too! So create rituals that help you bond in their formative years for your child’s growth. From night time story telling to making games with your kids, you can create rituals to strengthen your bond while at home. 

In conclusion, in your young ones' formative years, parental bonding is of utmost importance to nourish your child’s growth and mental health. An emotionally healthy childhood can go a long way for your child’s well being.