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Best Mathematical Toys for Kids

Math Toys for Lil’ Makers: Math is a universal language, just like toys. Smartivity’s math toys are the perfect creative companion for kids that help them stay focused for hours and boost their scientific temper. Mathematical toys can demystify the subject and make it fun, accessible and engaging. 

Designed for Curiosity: Our wide range of math learning toys are carefully designed to spark curiosity towards numbers and logical thinking and guide kids towards problem solving. 

Environment Friendly: Smartivity’s math toys are made with a special environmentally sustainable wood that are 100% safe for kids and have exceeded stringent global quality checks. Our wooden toys have earned the trust of over 5 million parents globally across 33 countries. Smartivity’s math related toys are designed with care and love to ensure kids are mindfully engaged and while they have a blast building our toys. 

Our Beliefs

Smartivity’s mathematical toys like the Fidget Digit Multiplication Toy are among our most loved math related toys and are proven to have enhanced kids’ attention spans, keeping them mindfully engaged!

  •  We understand that kids learn best through play. 
  • Our math learning toys help them understand and absorb fundamental STEAM concepts easily while having fun. 
  • We firmly believe every child is a maker, creator and builder and our wooden math toys help young minds expand the horizons of their thinking. 
  • Our math toys are aimed at shaping the creators of tomorrow and the builders of a brighter future.
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