Math Toys for Kids Math Toys for Kids

Best Mathematical Toys for Kids

Math Toys for Lil’ Makers: Math is a universal language, just like toys. Smartivity’s math toys are the perfect creative companion for kids that help them stay focused for hours and boost their scientific temper. Mathematical toys can demystify the subject and make it fun, accessible and engaging. 

Designed for Curiosity: Our wide range of math learning toys are carefully designed to spark curiosity towards numbers and logical thinking and guide kids towards problem solving. 

Environment Friendly: Smartivity’s math toys are made with a special environmentally sustainable wood that are 100% safe for kids and have exceeded stringent global quality checks. Our wooden toys have earned the trust of over 5 million parents globally across 33 countries. Smartivity’s math related toys are designed with care and love to ensure kids are mindfully engaged and while they have a blast building our toys. 

Our Beliefs

Smartivity’s mathematical toys like the Fidget Digit Multiplication Toy are among our most loved math related toys and are proven to have enhanced kids’ attention spans, keeping them mindfully engaged!

  •  We understand that kids learn best through play. 
  • Our math learning toys help them understand and absorb fundamental STEAM concepts easily while having fun. 
  • We firmly believe every child is a maker, creator and builder and our wooden math toys help young minds expand the horizons of their thinking. 
  • Our math toys are aimed at shaping the creators of tomorrow and the builders of a brighter future.
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Smartivity : Math Toys for Kids


We learn math at different stages. Kids can begin to understand numbers through simple addition and subtraction and then move on to more complex concepts like multiplication and division. It can be challenging for kids to grasp this new way of thinking about numbers, especially when they don't see them. The more it is taught, and the easier it is, the more they will enjoy it and the better they will do. That's why maths toys for kids are so great. They take complex concepts and make them easy to understand. They deliver exciting results, and they focus on fun. They get kids interested, engaged, and excited about math.


Make math a little more fun


  1. Hands-on activities are fun as long as they don't turn into a chore. Make sure that your child's hands stay active while doing math with kids math toys. For example, having children trace letters of the alphabet with their fingers or using coloured pencils to make patterns or pictures. You can also do math with paper and scissors. Children can cut out pictures of the numbers they know and then try to match them to the right answer. You can also have them put the numbers in order. When they have more experience, have them put the numbers in order by adding tens and ones.


  1. Reward System - When it comes to learning, children respond well to simple methods and ones that help them achieve a goal. The best way to do this is with a reward system. If a child does a great job on a math problem, give them a sticker that can be used for special rewards throughout the year. Make sure to include everyday activities like counting objects and money before using this reward system.


  1. Math apps are a great way to improve your child's math skills. While many people believe that math is a boring subject, these apps make it seem like an interactive game. They have games, challenges, and even additional resources to help make your child's math learning journey as effective as possible. You could also use one of these games as a reward or a test prep tool.


Things to look for in Math Toys


  1. Toys for Kids that help develop the ability to count can be a great way for children to practice their math skills. A toy should be easy to use and offer various counting tasks if it is specifically designed for this purpose.


  1. Basic Number Sense is the ability to identify larger and smaller numbers. The basic idea is that a child needs to be able to recognize and compare numbers from 1-20. Therefore, having the ability to compare one thing with another is critical for learning math.


  1. Adding and subtracting single-digit numbers is fundamental skill kids need to master math. There are math toys for different ages and skill levels, so there is something for every kid on your list. 


  1. Knowing the days of the week is essential for learning Math. Knowing what day of the week helps them with tasks like planning their days and scheduling appointments.


­Age Specific


Smartivity has expanded its offerings to include math toys for kids between the ages of 3 and 14.


Educational Value 


Math can be taught in a variety of ways and using different tools. Through math toys, children can learn the various concepts of mathematics from their favourite characters. The growing trend of using math toys to teach children mathematics has been increasing. This approach shows children that learning mathematics isn't boring and can be fun too. Through fun educational maths toys for 6 year olds, children can take their learning to the next level.




Look for math toys for 8 year olds made with durable materials and have safety features, such as nontoxic paints and finishes.

Labels can be very helpful. Read the label and look for age recommendations and warnings about choking or ingesting small parts.




What are the different types of maths toys?

Hydraulic Plane Launcher Toy, Pinball Machine Toy, Fidget Digit Multiplication Machine Toy, Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope Toy, Mechanical Hand Toy, Globe-Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, Amazing Science Lab Toy, Foosball Toy are the different types of maths toys available at Smartivity.


Why are maths toys important to a child's development? 

With math learning toys, children can learn about numbers, shapes, angles, and percentages. They can also compete with friends to solve sums using different methods and see which comes out on top. Incorporating fun and educational maths toys for 2 - 12 year olds into the math learning process helps children remain motivated and engaged.



How can math toys help your child in his school?

Smartivity's collections of educational math toys help children build a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge and provide an opportunity to explore shapes, patterns, and sequences. Best of all? These mathematics educational toys are engaging, accessible, and fun.



What is toy-based learning?

STEAM Toys are typically not designed to be a child's primary toy and may be used at different ages and stages of development. The different types of STEM Toys can be used in various ways. Construction sets promote exploration and imagination, which are particularly important for young children beginning to develop the foundational skills needed for future learning.



What science toys are the best for kids 5 and under?

The Smartivity products are a must-have for every 5 years child and under, including the Smartivity Colour Carnival Science Kit, Smartivity Junior Pre-School Discovery Kit, Smartivity Junior Shapes & Opposites, and many more. These toys offer a variety of activities for kids. They are fun and encourage learning. 



How do toys help children's cognitive development?

Science Toys are one of the best ways to encourage your child's natural and social development. Children who play with math educational toys regularly are more likely to be creative, have more imagination, and be better able to manage their emotions. There are many great mathematical toys out there, most of which are affordable and easy to find.