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Smartivity: Best Educational Toys for Kids

Education is not only the books that kids read or the mark sheet they secure academically. It is the process of gradual overall development of a child’s personality. With the right conceptual, moral, and emotional intelligence, kids learn to make correct decisions in life. Smartivity comes with a revolution in games and toys for kids of all age groups. We have a wide range of educational toys for Kids in India, that are innovated to add learning to play. 

Kids love playing. And with these educational learning toys, they can now learn the concepts of math, science, art, and engineering, alongside playing. Established in 2016 by four friends from IIT Delhi, the company has been acclaimed to have the best educational toys for kids across 33 countries. Be it kids' toys for boys or for girls, Smartivity has made a name for promoting gender equality in its toys. Smartivity offers the most fun, innovative, environmentally sustainable kids toys online. Our toys are available on our website as well as on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

The Concept of Early Learning: Why is it important in the first 5 years?

Learning in kids begins from the time they are born. Their minds are active and inquisitive and this is why it is the best time to imbibe the foundation of concepts in their minds that can be important for their intellect. Early learning helps kids adapt to skills earlier in life. Parents need to observe and understand a child’s cognitive abilities by watching their natural inclination in the choice of kids' toys and games. They can later foster this cognitive growth by providing them with appropriate stimulation for learning through educational toys. This is the whole idea behind innovating kids' toys. 

What to look for while buying educational toys for your kids?

But, if you are still facing the dilemma about how to choose the right educational learning toy for your kid, then consider the following 3 factors:

  1. SAFETY:

The safety of the kids is of paramount importance. If your kids are 3 years old or 5 years old, you have to monitor them while they are playing with the toys. This is because kids of this age have a habit of putting everything in their mouth and you need to make sure their playtime does not lead to any mishaps. 

The toys are also coated with harmful dyes sometimes, which should also never be ignored. Make sure you read the disclaimer given in the packaging of toys, along with details of all the materials.

Toys for 4-year-old kids must not have sharp edges, to protect them from the risk of major injuries.


The educational interest of kids must be closely observed. Some kids are artists, some are scientists, some love to learn about the chemistry inside the kitchen and some are simply good with numbers. But the fact is that all kids are dreamers. Sooner or later, they realize what makes them the happiest. They know what they are naturally best at and what they love to play with or learn about the most.

The right toys encourage growth in kids and give them opportunities to explore or nurture their innate skills. The best part of having the educational learning toys at home is that these kids also help you keep kids away from digital screens. Children turn to mobile games when they find offline games less exciting. Various science toys and math toys can help solve this problem here. 


At this tender age, kids know no bars. They can freely communicate what they like and what they do not. At this point in time, parents must be supportive of the choices of kids and must analyze how strongly their kids love doing something. 

Their interests must be kept in mind and given due importance irrespective. 4-5-year-old kids generally like simple board games, dress-up dolls or roleplay, dancing or somersaulting, playing indoor cricket, or playing with the ball. If they are introduced to Abacus learning, different geometrical shapes, and toys like assembling puzzles they start developing memory and motor skills along with enjoyment. It is here that you can get a hint, about whether your kids will love to play more with art and creativity toys, science toys, or maths toys.

Explore Our Product Range

At Smartivity, we strive to bring to you innovative educational learning toys that help you in keeping your kids away from smartphones, TV screens or tablets. In fact, we bring you a range of wooden toys and other toys that are made from the highest quality material and are free of toxins.

We strongly believe kids' education begins right after they are born, thus it is now imperative to prepare your kids for the future through their playtime. Explore the range of age-specific toys category Smartivity has:

  • Best educational toys for 3 years old

Space Explorer - 5 In 1 Activity Kit, Super Big Awesome Magic Colouring Kit, Smartivity Colour Carnival Science Kit, Smartivity Junior Pre-School Learning Kit, Smartivity Junior Shapes & Opposites, and various others.

  • Best educational toys for 6 years old

Smartivity Mini Football, Glow Chemistry Science Kit, Amazing Soap Making Lab - Science Kit, Construction Crane, Animation Machine and various others.

  • Best educational toys for 8 years old

Space Shooter, Weighing Machine, Pirate's Telescope Toy, Roller Coaster Marble Slide Toy, Hydraulic Crane Toy, Chess Attack, Globe Trotter - AR Enabled Toy, and various others.

Smartivity’s Ideology: Learning Through Play

Smartivity’s core beliefs about toys for kids are centered around making learning fun for kids and developing a scientific temper with them. 

Promote Curiosity

Our toys online encourage curiosity and are designed to enhance creativity in kids. While there are many toys for kids on the market, what sets Smartivity’ apart is our passion for design, commitment to constructively engage your child, and drive to inspire the next generation of 'makers' across the world. All our kids learning toys are rooted in four core beliefs.


  1. What are the different types of educational toys?

Kid’s educational toys can be of the following types:

  • Science Toys
  • Math Toys
  • Art and Creativity toys
  • Construction toys
  • Activity toys

  1. Why are Educational toys important to a child's development?

STEM/STEAM toys help kids in polishing their cognitive skills in language, mathematics, science, and other academic fields. They also play a crucial role in sharpening their non-cognitive skills like learning competency, self-control, discipline, motivation, keeping goals, and achieving them. 

Playing with educational toys nurtures the holistic development of a kid and helps them evolve as an intellectual.