Construction Crane
Construction Crane Toys & Games Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd
Construction Crane Toys & Games Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd
Construction Crane Toys & Games Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd
Construction Crane Toys & Games Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd
Construction Crane Toys & Games Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd

Construction Crane

Explore the Smartivity's Construction Crane Set toy and introduce your kid to Angles, Pulleys, & Counterweights with our wooden kid toys. Shop now with Smartivity! See more

Rs. 824 Rs. 1,099 25% off
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Construction Crane

Construction Crane

Rs. 824 Rs. 1,099 25% off

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good for kids learning

Nice product ,kids loved it a lot !

It's a very interesting

Best ever please buy it

sharath bhargav

The product is really nice and interesting for the kids. I tried to register using the QR code given but the registration is not happening as i need 2 small parts which have got damaged. Requesting smartivity team to kindly contact me.

Gowthami Javvadi
Very creative

This toy is very creative for young masters who is interested in fixing with their own hands and enjoy the out put. The instructions are too clear and step by step. Easy to understand. Quality is super good. Just go for it..

Extremely valuable

Very good product for self improve of your child.Quality crafts parts and guide book is also in very details.Must buy

Product Description
Build your very own wooden construction crane by following easy and step-by-step instructions. A building, stacking and a wrecking game bundled into one fun-to-operate machine. Learn about the concepts of Angles, Pulleys, & Counterweights along the way. Trusted by parents and loved by kids in 30+ countries. Every Smartivity toy goes through months of extensive research and testing before launch; carefully crafted by a team of toy designers, and tested by children, parents, & STEM experts.

What You Get:

  • All-Inclusive Box: Instruction manual MDF sheets, step-by-step instruction manual, bonus learning activities
  • Dimension: 26 x 45 x 41
  • Material: Premium quality re-engineered wood
  • Number of parts: 218
  • Assembly required: true
  • Build Time: 150 mins
  • STEM Concepts: Pulley System Centre of Gravity Angles
Construction Crane
Yes, Smartivity designs build-from-scratch toys to make children experience the confidence and joy of creating their own projects.
Yes, all Smartivity toys come with a well-guided, easy to comprehend instruction manual with step-by-step instructions to follow. Along with written instructions, video links on how to construct the toys are also available.
No, all Smartivity toys are mess and glue free. We use rubber bands to hold the MDF parts together, allowing for easy assembling and reassembling of the toys.
We offer lifetime free parts replacement and if you ever break or misplace a part or the manual, request for a new one at here
As an ecologically conscious company, we use eco-friendly products. Our core material is premium quality Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) which is made from re-engineered wood fibres.
Yes, we are an IIT Delhi alumni initiative and our toys are 100% made in India. Our toys are designed in-house and we have design patents on them.

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