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Magico Pre-School Fun & Learn

For Ages: 2.5+ years
Building Time: 10 min


Your Child's Complete Pre-School At Home

Here is a way to make the time that your child spends on smartphone into learning time with actual physical play! Yes, we have blended cutting-edge technology with physical play in Magico Pre-School Fun&Learn. With over 1200+ activities, this is your child's complete pre-school at home. This awesome activity kit covers the entire NCERT syllabus and delivers learning through play, in a way that the digital native generation demands and deserves. The 20 workbooks spread across 10 prescribed themes, and the cute Boo-Boo tiles offer tactile, sensory learning experience, whereas the FREE APP offers the interactive component. Experience the power of technology and play, and make your child's pre-school learning at home, fun and play-filled.


Magico Simple Assembly Stand 

Magico Hat

 20 Workbooks

 Boo Boo Tiles

 Number Tiles

 Alphabet Tiles

 Shape Tiles

 Free App (iOS and Android)

WORLD-CLASS INSTRUCTION MANUAL: The kit Includes a Coloured, Richly Illustrated, Easy-To-Understand, Step-By-Step Instruction Manuals.  

Big, Clear, Images: Instruction Manual explains each step with big and clear illustrations from relevant perspectives to help your child understand every step without difficulty.  

One Step Per Page: To avoid distraction and ensure that your child has complete focus on each step.  

Colour Coded Manuals: Each module is highlighted in different colours so that your child can easily navigate the instructions.  

Minimal Text: All instructions are visually communicated, to reduce dependence on language.

DIY or Do-It-Together: Our instruction manuals are designed to ensure that your child has an idependent construction experience. You can choose to participate and partner with them but your child will not be stuck in the construction experience if they are alone.

ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE – We use high-quality re-engineered wood as the primary material.  

Responsibly Sourced Wood from vendors in New Zealand, Vietnam and Canada.

Our vendors are certified for REFORESTATION and GREEN practices.  

NO SPLINTERS: We use premium quality pine wood to ensure your child's safety.  

We export our toys to over 24 discerning countries across the world including the USA, Canada, European Union, Australia, South East Asia, Russia, China and the Middle East. As such, all Smartivity products meet or exceed the following safety certifications standards:

ASTM: Since 1986, ASTM International's Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (F963) has been considered the "gold standard" for toy safety.

EN71: This is a set of European Product Safety standard that applies to all toys sold in the European Union. EN 71, which is also a part of the CE directive, has been put in place to ensure that all toys sold in the EU meet certain minimum safety standards on the following factors:



Flame retardance

Chemical composition

Electrical Safety




We also meet and exceed safety certification standards for export to Australia, Russia, Middle East and China

Of course, being proud of our Indian roots, we naturally meet and exceed Indian Toy Safety Standards.

We manufacture all our products at our factory in Manesar near New Delhi, India.  

Depending on your city, it usually takes between 3 to 6 days for your order to reach you from the time of you placing the order.  


Typical delivery times are:  

Delhi NCR: 2 days  

Within 1000 kms from Delhi: 4 days  

Above 1000 kms from Delhi: 5-6 days  


You will receive an order tracking number within 24 hours of placing the order.


We are committed to ensuring that your child has the perfect Smartivity experience every time. If a part is inadvertently missing or is broken during construction or lost, just:

1. Call us or Whatsapp us on our customer care number


2. Fill out the Parts Request form here

We will dispatch the required part/s to you as soon as we get your request.

Magico Fun&Learn presents your child with the entire pre-school curriculum (Grades Playschool, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG) in the form of 1200+ engaging games and activities. It transforms your smartphone into a powerful educational tool for your child and elevates the passive screen-time to constructive, learning time.


  • Magico Pre-School Fun&Learn blends cutting edge Computer Vision technology with sensory play to deliver a magical, mind-body engagement-focussed experience that next generation demands and deserves.
  • Place your smartphone on the Magico stand and open the app.
  • Place the Magico Pre-School Fun&Learn Workbook in the designated Play Area of the Magico Stand.
  • The app presents a series of games and activities which your child can interact with, using the tiles provided in the box. Different tiles are provided for different activities which are recognised by the app.
  • This is CV driven learning at its best, just like having your personal AI tutor. It's magic!
  • Intuitive sounds, visuals and a kid friendly interface make sure that your child finds it easy to browse through the app.

Steam Concepts Covered

Key Leaarning Outcomes: Covers entire NCERT syllabus with prescribed themes, including:

  • General Awareness Themes
  1. Me & My Body
  2. My Family
  3. Air & Water
  4. Day & Night
  5. Seasons
  6. Plants
  7. Animals
  8. Community Friends
  9. Modes Of Transportation
  10. Colours Of The World
  • Number recognition
  • Addition
  • Letter recognition
  • Spellings Shape recognition
  • Shape identification
  • Colour recognition

1. Every Smartivity STEM Blended Learning Activity is designed to inspire your child to perform physical plaay and seamlessly integrated with technology-based learning.

2. Through this Smartivity experience, your child will acquire:
Hands-On Understanding Concepts
Spatial Awareness
Analytical Reasoning
Scientific Spirit

3. At Smartivity, our mission is to make your child smarter and confident of her or his ability to do things with their hands and experience ownership and pride in their efforts.

4. For children who spend too much time watching videos or playing digital game because they are bored, Smartivity Blended Learning Activities keep your child engaged in a screen-based educational experience through play.

MATERIAL USED: High-Quality Premium Re-engineered Splinter-proof Pine Wood sourced from the most trusted, vendors from New Zealand, Canada and Vietnam. Verified for Reforestation and Green production practices. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable to protect our planet and No-Splinter wood for your child's safety.

SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS: All Smartivity products meet or exceed the safety certifications standards set by USA, Canada (ASTM), Europe (EN-71), Australia, Russia, Middle East and China, in addition to Indian Toy Safety Standards.

DESIGNED AND MADE IN INDIA: We are proud to be India's truly global STEAM toys brand. We design all our products in-house at our design studio in Saket, New Delhi. Smartivity owns patents to all our toy designs, and we manufacture them at our factory in Manesar near Gurgaon, Haryana. Smartivity is an IIT Delhi alumni venture.


PACKED BOX DIMENSIONS: 29 x 25 x 28 cm

PACKED BOX WEIGHT: 3.6 Kilograms


iOS (Apple iPhone) App Download:



Android App Download:



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Magico Pre-School Fun&Learn bridges physical and digital worlds to deliver a play-filled interactive experience that will keep your child active and learrning. It uses Computer Vision technology and encourages your child to do a physical activity, to learn.


  1. Assemble the Magico stand.
  2. Install the Magico Fun&Learn app on your smartphone.
  3. Give the permissions to the app by tapping the ‘ALLOW’ button.
  4. Place your Smartphone on the Magico stand.
  5. Slide the Magico Hat onto the stand.
  6. Select the Level and Theme to launch it.
  7. Place the corresponding workbook in the Play Area of the board to play. 
  8. Place the tile on the workbook page to cover your answer to the question on the screen. 
  9. If the answer is correct, the next question will appear. Else, the app will ask you to answer correctly. 
  10. Turn the page of the workbook to progress to the next activity. 



  • Ensure that the Workbooks are placed in the Play Area correctly
  • Ensure that the Magico Hat is placed in such a way that it rests snugly and straight on top of your smartphone. 
  • Ensure that the lighting is appropriate and the surroundings are well lit.
  • Ensure that correct tile is used to cover the answer - Each page in the workbook indicates the tile required for that activity.
  • Make sure that you update the app regularly.