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A Smart Parent's Guide to Raising a Fearless Child

by Smartivity on Fri, Mar 18, 22

A Smart Parent's Guide to Raising a Fearless Child

Oversee their intake of fearful information

Children learn what they are taught. Sometimes the information they receive may not be authentic. It is essential for parents to keep a sincere watch on the information that their young ones are exposed to. 

If exposed to fear inducing subjects, talk to your children and help them realize these fears. However, when they are young, it is advisable to keep them sheltered from such frightful intelligence. 


Show them how to deal with fears

Depending on the situation and the fear involved, give your children the best possible advice you can think of on how they can deal with the fear. Provide them with multiple options if possible and assure them that they will be okay and be able to overcome it.


Don’t disregard their failures

Never disregard their fears and failures. Let them know that failure is just the trailer for their movie ‘success’. It is alright to fail sometimes; what becomes important is to learn from these failures and not fear them.


Don’t Project Your Fears on Them

 The closest relationship that a child develops is with their parents. They strive to be like you and do the things that you do. This, however, also makes it highly likely that a child might pick up on your own fears and embody them till they become her own. If exposed to these fears for too long, it will definitely affect them as individuals. It is therefore important for parents to not project their fears onto their children. 


Encourage them to try new things

Trying out new things can sometimes be a scary ordeal. But when you encourage your children to continue down the path and take a leap of faith, it goes a long way into instilling a fearless attitude. Trying out new things also inculcates new skills in your child, making her more confident about her own abilities. Besides, the wider her horizons of experience, the more likely she is to face new challenges fearlessly.


Help them face and overcome their fear one at a time (benefits)

Depending on the issue at hand, it is important for the parents to initiate and implement the right steps at the right time to support their child in overcoming her fear. Taking one step at a time allows your child to assimilate to the changes comfortably and gives her an opportunity to deal with the specific fear and overcome it rather than repress it and let it fester.