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A Smart Parent's Guide to Preparing Child for Future Success

by Smartivity on Wed, Mar 09, 22

A Smart Parent's Guide to Preparing Child for Future Success

1. Use everyday experiences as learning opportunities

Children pick up cues and subtle behavioral aspects from their surroundings. By turning everyday activities like bath, play, reading into fun activities, children stand to gain new insights into the world around them. This enables them to stimulate their creativity and enhance their imagination.

 2. Teach Healthy Habits

The earnest relationship that a child develops is with their parents. The fruitful result of this is a step for the latter to inculcate right habits and instill right information in the former’s minds; to allow them to grow up to become smart, conscience, successful individuals. This can include reading every day, spending less time on electronic devices etc. 

 3. Let the children do homework

It is important to allow your children to grow up to be independent. By doing homework without any external help (to the greatest extent), you give them the opportunity to explore and work hard till they find the right answer. It makes them think responsibly and inculcates a sense of pride in them, on having attained the right answer. 

 4. Offer effective praise 

 A positive response to something that your kids do will go a long way in boosting their confidence and allowing them to work on enhancing their skills. It is important to praise your child for something they are passionate about. Encouraging them to follow their passion could go a long way in enabling them to excel in their chosen fields.

 5. Teach the consequences, not the punishment 

 Punishment often makes a child inculcate feelings of resentment and anger, occasionally bordering on rebelliousness. By teaching the consequences of their actions instead of punishment, you are allowing your children to understand what they did wrong, how their actions affect others around them and what they can do to improve. This provides an impetus for them to become responsible and a more effective problem-solver.

 6. Teach perseverance

Perseverance is the resolve to complete a task despite difficulties or delays in attaining success. It teaches them that the path to success is never a bed of roses and encountering obstacles is the norm. With perseverance, you are teaching your children to continue to strive down the path to success and face challenges head on without giving up.

 7. Teach them Resilience

Gritty refers to displaying courage and determination. It is a catalyst for achievement and success. It allows your children to delve deeper into their untapped potential and convert their talent into skill through hard work and determination.

8. Teach them social skills 

Being social in a rapidly changing world is an essential ingredient to attain success in life. Being social allows one to express their ideas and opinions and get them across to other people with ease. This allows your children to become fearless public speakers. Having appropriate social skills also allows them to communicate openly to develop good relations with people; who help them to corroborate their ideas, give advice and motivation.

 9. Show them work ethic and achievement 

The first exposure to behavioral traits for a child is by observing how his/her parents behave. If you wish to see your kids behave in a particular way, it is important to model it. If your children see you working hard, undeterred by obstacles, it is likely they will imbibe these qualities in themselves.

10. Let them practice decision making

Give your children the opportunity to make their own decisions. This allows them to think analytically, weigh pros and cons and understand what might be the better suited option for them. It is important that you, as a parent, provide them with support and advice whenever needed. But instead of making all the decisions for them, give them a chance to do so themselves.