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Different ways to enjoy Smartivity toys

by Smartivity on Thu, Jul 28, 22

For some more inspiration, I’m sharing a few different ways in which we have seen kids enjoy Smartivity toys the best.



The time a kid spends assembling a Smartivity Toy, he or she is picking up important STEM skills.

For some other kids, the way the toy comes together itself is a creative marvel.

Your kid can build the toy several times over, all by themselves, to keep learning and honing such skills.


Smartivity Toys can be fun to assemble together in groups. Kids race each other to see who can assemble the toy the fastest.

We have also seen kids quiz each other on the concepts they are learning from the toy. 

    Smartivity Toys offer the kids a number of ways to play for several hours, uninterrupted  and importantly - away from the electronic screens.


    It’s not uncommon for us to see parents or elder siblings coming together to make and play with the toy.

    Parents have told us that the time spent assembling the kit with their kid felt wonderfully refreshing and meaningfully engaging.

    Other parents have found their kids use Smartivity Toys to engage and build healthy bonds with the children who accompany the household help to her workplace.

      There are many different ways to enjoy the toys we make. We’re constantly looking from stories.

      If these ideas inspired you or you found a whole different way to enjoy the toy, please share the story with us in the email or with pictures and video on Whatsapp.