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Learning STEM Concepts

by Smartivity on Thu, Jul 28, 22

The decision you took to buy the Smartivity Toy is a fantastic one. 

We design Smartivity Toys to be the Perfect gift. That is Engaging for the child, Meaningful for the parent and Affordable for anyone who’s buying.

After seeing lakhs of parents and kids buy and play with these toys, there are at least 5 different ways we see Smartivity Toys giving an edge to the kids playing with them.

  1. Demystify STEM Subjects

    Many millennials around the world (including my friends) didn’t develop good relationship with Science or Maths as subject simply because learning them wasn’t fun for them.

    When we designed Smartivity Toys, we thought of fun and interesting ways to take the STEM concepts to young kids.

    This way, they learn about these concepts when they are at liberty to play, not under the pressure to perform (in an exam, for example).

  2. Prepares Them About the World Around Them

    The concepts we have covered in Smartivity Toys include everything from science, to mechanics, to arts. The toys themselves take examples of things the kids are going to find in the world around them - a plane, a telescope or musical instruments.

    These toys not only make them aware of these everyday objects and the science that powers them.

    But the concepts that kids pick along the way prepare them for a future that’s increasingly being built and developed using the same concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.

  3. Assembly Facilitate Creativity

    I have now seen thousands of kids’ faces light up when the Smartivity Kit is assembled. The toy emerging from its parts is a marvel to a kid’s eye and inspires them in a very fundamental way.

    They see a sheet of parts come together to create a 3-dimensional toy. This connects dots in a child’s mind that foster creativity.

  4. Enhance Fine Motor Skills and improves self-confidence

    A great thing about the culture of apprenticeship and working from a young age is that you work with your hands a lot.

    Assembling a Science Toy from Smartivity also gives some of the same benefits.

    Kids develop dexterity and a better hand-eye coordination. Which in turn is important for the kids’ confidence in their own abilities.

  5. Invites parents-kids to bond with each other

    Jesse Jackson said - “Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

    Yet, it is often difficult to find quality time to spend with each other in our busy lives. This is why a Smartivity Toy often finds a meaningful place in our customers’ lives.

    For the toys offer parents and their children uninterrupted 3 hours or more to engage and play with each other.

    The love, care and attention of a parent builds up a kid unlike anything WE can build. We’re just grateful that the toys can facilitate this important contribution in your child’s growth.

Does any of this ring true to your experience?

Let me know us here.