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Know the Differences between Technical & Traditional Toys

by Smartivity on Wed, Aug 31, 22

Know the Differences between Technical & Traditional Toys

One thing that can instantly bring a smile to the face of the kids is a toy. Depending on the type of toys your kid is playing with, it can even benefit them educationally, and if you want to benefit your child from both technology and toys, tech toys are the way to go. Though with technology booming in all aspects and areas of our lives, tech toys are gaining popularity; along with tech toys for 3-5 years old kids, some parents also choose traditional toys such as blocks, puzzles, board games, etc. Both these types of toys are great for kids of all ages. 

Which toys for children are the best?  

With the growth in technology, the use of traditional toys has been slowed down a bit. Different types of toys, be they tech or traditional toys, are quite popular among children. Both these toy types are loved by babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Children nowadays spend most of their time playing tech games. They remain unaware of the beauty of traditional toys their parents or grandparents played with. Both toys have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A traditional toy is usually made of wood and is non-electronic. Tech toys are usually electronic and use more advanced technology. Both toys help in the overall development of a child if used and introduced to your kids at the right age and time.   

Benefits of technology toys  

The use of technology in kids' toys has been all the rage for many years now. Having these toys will help with the following -  

  1. Creates awareness about technology among kids - The demand for tech toys has increased, owing to the advancement of technology every now and then. Using tech will make kids enhance their knowledge of how to use technology toys, and now they will be updated with the latest technology trends.   
  1.  Allows for creativity to expand - Kids can use pens and paper, but with tech toys, they can use various tools to help expand their creativity and create things outside the box. Tech toys will sharpen their creative skills to a great extent.  

Benefits of Traditional Toys  

The touch of traditional toys is very different. They are still being made because they are great support when it comes to a child's development and activity skills. They may not be very glamourous or have glitz, but they provide another level of excitement that attracts even the tiniest of eyes. Here are some of the benefits of having traditional toys-  

  1. Language, communication, and social interaction - Playing with traditional toys encourages greater interaction amongst siblings and other children, parents, and other people. When a child plays with blocks, puzzles or board games, it helps them to interact with everyone involved in the games. It creates social interaction among the kids.  
  1. Children get a chance to explore the outside world - Tech toys are better suited indoors, but with traditional toys such as balls, and jump ropes, kids are not only getting access to go outside to get some fresh air. Now they can also learn about sports and outdoor art and can be active while still having fun.  

Cons of Technological Toys  

Tech toys can be great, but everything comes with some cons and downfalls. With lots of lights, sounds and movement coming from them, they can pose harm if not operated properly. A few cons of tech toys are -  

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle - When your kid is playing with their tech toys, they sometimes can be sitting for hours. This inactivity can lead to obesity and, in worse cases, diabetes. While using tablets or watching TV, kids stare at the screen for a long period of time, causing harm to their eyes. Set a screen limit so kids have a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle with their tech toys.  
  2. Isolation - Many tech toys can take over children's interaction with others. If your kid is playing a video game while isolating themselves in their room, think about moving them to a room where you can bond with your kids, and they aren't shut in from the outside world.  
  3. Lower social skills - Since tech toys require more focus than others, it can be almost impossible to talk to your children. The more they play with their tech toys, the less likely they will communicate and socialize with their friends and family.

Cons of Traditional Toys  

  1.  They might create a violent streak among children - Toys that are not carefully chosen for kids can create a sense of violence in children, such as a toy gun, sword or others. It is the parent's duty to select the toys according to their choices and interests.  
  2.  Some toys may not be apt for your kids - Some toys can contain small parts that can be a choking hazard for smaller kids.  
  3. Makes them unaware of technological advancement - Although traditional toys are great, as traditional toys don't use technology of any kind, this might lead to kids being unaware of the use and importance of technology.   


Kids love toys and love to play with them as all toys promote some level of learning and fun. Both the toys have their own beauty and importance. But as the times are changing, and technology is taking place everywhere, it is not a bad idea to introduce your kids to technology. With Smartivity, a one-stop destination to buy toys for children, we are taking a step towards bringing improvement in your kid's life. For more information on choosing the best toys for your children and how they can aid in their development, feel free to contact us. We understand the value of the best for your kids, as every toy aims to teach kids new skills.