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Arts and craft for kids + more to help them develop in the new normal

by Smartivity on Wed, Apr 21, 21

Arts and craft for kids + more to help them develop in the new normal

The realities of everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic starts at home, where you and your kids will be spending more and more time at home. It remains important to take the right approach and spend time working, learning and enjoying with your kids instead of spending hours upon hours getting bored, stressed or tensed


Arts and crafts for kids

While the outside world remains at a standstill, the inside of your homes can become a cauldron of creativity. Nothing engages a young mind more than the vibrant nature of colorful paints, crayons, craft paper, and building stuff. These provide your little ones with a fun and unique opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

When children work on arts and crafts and other skill building projects from handling safety scissors to drawing straight lines, filling in a set section in a coloring book to drawing shapes, or building things, they   learn about shape, colours and textures to interest your children while learning about reusing materials. Among them was a  ‘Box Road’ activity where kids could build a virtual cityscape with the help of boxes and blocks and ‘Trash Art’ where your kids could paint everyday items instead of throwing them away.

Items like colouring books, building blocks, art kits and alike,   also work as creative outlets and will most certainly keep your kids busy and help them explore their creative sides. Pro tip for parents: These also work great as birthday gift ideas for boys or girls.



Creativity Boosters

Brands like Smartivity make toys that help in engaging a child’s creativity. They produce toys that require your children to engage creatively in building things artistically,  which develop   Early introduction to the world of Arts and crafts can also help in the development of skills of dexterity.

Smartivity’s Junior Shapes and Opposites Kit for ages above 3, includes 11 in 1 activities which will bring your child’s imagination to life. They will also be introduced to building things, which will help in their motor development. Another similar option can be Smartivity’s Junior Me, Family and Numbers.

It’s our duty to make this ‘new normal’ an enriching experience for the little ones and some of these ideas can also be a superb birthday gift for a child.