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Ways to Nurture & Strengthen a Mother-Child Relationship

by Smartivity on Thu, Feb 24, 22

Ways to Nurture & Strengthen a Mother-Child Relationship

The bond between a mother and child is unparalleled right by birth and cannot be contested. More than anything, there’s a plethora of hormones that goes through both the mother and child after birth. Some of them being oxytocin and serotonin that contribute to the strong bond and happiness both mother and child feel after the baby is born. 

Inevitably, after 3 years of age, the baby and mother soon start gaining their sense of self and individuality as human beings. The child begins to understand that they are a separate being. And that’s when you start looking for parenting tips that can help maintain the strong bond between you and your child. 

So now once that has gone underway, as a mother, you would need to take part in some activities together to nourish, strengthen and maintain the bond that came as naturally as breathing before they grew up. 

But that’s nothing to worry about! We’ve got you covered. 

Here are some parenting tips to nurture and strengthen a mother-child relationship well.

 1. Talk about each other’s day


A basic thing we all do with our friends, family without thinking twice. It’s good practice to do the same with your children. You will know more about how they’re feeling, the kind of people they’re spending time with, their interests and more! And make sure you share feelings about your day honestly to set it as a normal standard habit for them that they can carry with them into adulthood.

 2. Take time out to play

Taking time out to play with your child is just as important as taking the time out to help them study. It will contribute to both the child’s development, as well as the bond between you and your child. If you’re worried about too much play time, you could always invest in educational toys to introduce learning by games instead of simply learning, or simply playing. Invest in educational toys that allow you time together and to create something together that can help strengthen the bond while you both have fun in each other’s company.

 3. Let children be a part of activities around the house

The best way to naturally strengthen the bond between mother and child is to allow your children to help around in the house. Children always like playing the adult, especially copying the mother, as you would know well. So allow them the role play and let them have fun while they’re at it. Of course, there’s no need to let them near the stove too soon, or around electric appliances. But things like gardening, watering plants, or setting the table can make a big difference in strengthening your bond. They will feel proud of being useful to you and love you to let them feel grown up!

4. Make time to be with your children

 In this day and age, making time for your loved ones can mean the world. And it is the same with your children. Making time for them and just being completely present with them, leaving the screens and work aside can do wonders to strengthen the bond between you and your child. If you find yourself looking for fun activities to do together, you could invest in educational toys, introducing learning by games for a stronger bond. Think creating something from scratch together and then playing with the toy you create.

 5. Express and show them love 

Something that deserves more credit in any and all kinds of relationships is the importance of expressing and showing the love you feel for the other. Especially when it comes to children, expressing and showing them love can help them understand how to create and maintain healthy relationships and bonds with other people in society. More than that, children are fragile beings who need to be shown they are loved and cared for, so they feel secure and confident about themselves. Remember, that it all starts with you!

6. Take care of yourself first


Last but not least, and most overlooked is the importance of taking care of yourself first, before you vow to take care of another human being. Be it your partner, or your child, you need to remember to love yourself and take care of yourself first, before anyone else. It might seem selfish, but it’s not! Only if you keep yourself happy and healthy, can you set an example for your children, and also show them the love and care that they require to have a happy and healthy childhood.