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WOOD you still choose a plastic toy?

by Smartivity on Wed, Apr 06, 22

WOOD you still choose a plastic toy?

The truth is your child will fall in love with any toy - be it a plastic train or a wooden horse. But the question is, is that the complete truth? Kids love to play. Kids love to imagine. Kids love to flaunt. Well, kids love to learn too! A good toy helps them, encourages them, pushes them, and nurtures them. And with limitless options stacked on the shelves of every toy shop, how should a parent choose the one they must? The toys that are not just worth flaunting but also add learning to your child’s life in his most formative years. 

Thankfully, the best of the brains from the world of science are on it and have shared some obvious secrets with the rest of the world. Wooden toys aren’t just about bringing vintage about but more about the values they instil and how a child learns and grows while playing with them.


Plant the seed of imagination

Let your child choose a toy that replicates real-life items so that his mind can do the rest of the imagination. A humble wooden horse or a handful of blocks can stir your child’s brain and stimulate him to create a whole new world with his thoughts. The beautiful colours, the ability to play with them in order to create, build, or rearrange a toy, the planning, and the entire process brings so much more than just a fancy toy to the table. It improves your child’s numerical, spatial, problem solving abilities, making him more confident and more engaged. 

Leave your doubts aside, they are safe

A sustainably sourced wooden toy is not only safe for the environment but also for your child. Whether your little one likes to play with it in the morning, accidentally and curiously wants to nibble on it, or hug it while he sleeps, a wooden toy would never do the harm that a plastic toy will. Crafted with love, wooden toys are thoughtful, organic, and absolutely free of chemicals unlike plastic toys that are loaded with BPA and PVC - two slowly hazardous chemicals. No choking hazard, no breaking concerns, no injuries, voila!

You can count on them for motor skills

A wooden toy is basically fun and early education packed in one. While most of them come in the form of building blocks, puzzles, that trigger imagination, there are a lot of homegrown companies like Smartivity that offer a highly creative range. Smartivity’s Clash of Cyborgs, for example, is an educational toy and yet it comes with all the action that will thrill your kid. Now watch him get his cyborg battle-ready with an array of 4 super weapons (which are extremely safe btw) and hike up the score count. Isn’t a world of steamverse that makes him think and apply his skills to assemble, understand the power of gears, and master the magic of elasticity and unleash force…centrifugal force, a good idea for a toy? 

They stand true to the test of time

"If only toys were unbreakable!" If you wished for it, we certainly heard it. How often do you actually buy toys for your kids? Way more than often, we bet! Sometimes they become boring, sometimes they break. After all, a toy is the last thing your child wants to spare! Wooden toys on the other hand can last days, months, even generations. So, why not gift your child the gift of eternity and teach him a bit about perseverance with your actions? Most of the wooden toys you get are recyclable and reusable, a valuable lesson a child can carry with him all his life.


In a nutshell, they are eco-friendly

Who doesn't want the best for their kid? Be it toys, clothes, friends, or even the world that he grows up in. The flashy plastic toys drain the brain and environment, robbing it of the beauty that your kid deserves to see. By buying a wooden toy, you not only teach your child the importance of sustainability but make him and yourself do a bit for the depleting environment. 

After all, 'Is this toy safe?' should be the last of your worries. They are safe, secure, and innovative - values that you and your child can always appreciate. Sometimes a toy is all that can make a difference. And, the next time you visit a toy shop, don't overlook that shelf with wooden toys and creative STEM toys. STEM toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths based toys that inculcate curiosity, learning, and education.

A smart kid deserves smart(ivity) toys! So go, grab what catches his curiosity; in a world full of plastic toys, get the one that wood makes your child truly happy and watch him flourish and upskill with each unboxing.