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Educational Toys for Kids to Help Them Learn While Having Fun

by Smartivity on Tue, Mar 30, 21

Educational Toys for Kids to Help Them Learn While Having Fun

It was developmental psychologist Erik Erikson who gave us his theory about children and their cognitive development that starts as soon as they are born. But he was not the only one who believed that. In fact, there have been many studies, scientists, and psychologists who collectively were of the opinion that a child's mental and personality development are at their peak, between the ages of 2 to 10. 

You can do a lot to boost a child’s IQ from that young age, like including educational toys for kids or educational games for kids during their playtime. There are plenty of great options out there for all in those age groups and here are a few idea to look into -

Colourful toys for kids

Parents should try and introduce colourful, eye-catching toys to their infants, while educational games for kids on tablets and mobiles can be reserved for those older than 3 or 4. Activity games that include various shapes with bright colors that fit into specific blocks or cut-outs, can help enhance a variety of skills for kids who are just under 3 and help develop problem solving skills.


Playing Chess

From teaching kids strategy and patience, to learning about decisions and consequences, making choices and how they affect things, to even boosting their empathy levels, chess is a great game for kids to learn. So when considering gifts for the kids who are about 8 years and over and show an aptitude for these aspects, a good Chess set can be a great option.


Smartivity Subscription Box

When you’re considering a girl or a boy’s gift ideas for their birthdays or even as a way to keep them occupied, Smartivity’s subscription box should be a go to choice. Each month, some of the best STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) construction toys for kids will be sent to help your kids learn a variety of concepts while having a lot of fun.

You could also just choose something from the wide range of educational toys for kids that include the Super Big Awesome Magic Colouring Activity Set to bring out your child's creativity through augmented reality.


Board games

Games like Mastermind and Cluedo help with logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, speech, and enhancing language skills.

All of these games for kids also work as great gifts for the kids from various age groups. Some can be used to enhance motor development and develop sensory motor skills. While others are thought-provoking and help enhance IQ levels and problem-solving skills.
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