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Lockdown fun ideas: Get these 5 toys to keep your kids engaged and off the screen!

by Smartivity on Fri, Jan 28, 22

Lockdown fun ideas: Get these 5 toys to keep your kids engaged and off the screen!

Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve all navigated through new ways of living and new ways of being at home. And for the lucky ones who get to work from home, our lockdown routine sure has some perks! There’s no rush to reach somewhere. Whether it’s a meeting or a presentation we might need to give, we can do it all from the comfort of our home. We can work in PJ’s all day and spend all day with our kids, sometimes behaving like them too! 

But talking of kids, our young geniuses can sometimes make it all seem a bit crazier than it really is. As working parents, we need to juggle our regular work, along with the full time job of being a parent, along with house work, self care, and if we’re lucky enough some time for peace and quiet.

And when we come to talking about just parenthood, there’s so much to do! From getting them ready for their online classes and making them finish their homework, to keeping them occupied and healthy while they stay in, we all know it’s a highly demanding job with no fixed hours, or leaves and vacations. 

So now that the question of how to keep your kids occupied (in a good way) arises, as parents you also want to make sure whatever is occupying their mind is also nourishing it. 

And with ever growing screen time, it’s a scary world to try and navigate when it comes to what kind of content kids encounter, or might encounter during their time on the internet. 

So when you’re looking to get your kids off of the screens (Think: TV, phones, iPads, and whatever other gadgets might be around,) we have the perfect list of science toys and educational games to make lockdown super fun, engaging and even educational for young, curious minds stuck at home. 

Steam Warriors: Clash of Cyborgs 


Tired of sibling fights at home during your stay at home because of covid lockdown? We feel you! Redirect all the rage of your young geniuses into making and playing their own cyborg battlefield instead of battling with each other. 


The Rival Cyborgs - ICEBREAKER and SCORCHER - will need your young fighters' help in the battle for the ultimate steam warriors! Let them put it all together from scratch, and get them battle ready for the big clash. 


As the young ones build, assemble and play with this game kit, they will also learn the concepts, functionality and power of gears, elasticity and centrifugal force! 


With non toxic and easy to assemble parts and learning by games, your kids will enjoy themselves, prepare for fights that don’t get in the way of your peace of mind, and even learn some real world concepts that may be harder to grasp otherwise! 


Age: 6+ years

Get the kit home: Steam Warriors

Amazing Soap Making Lab 


Looking for a way to get your young ones curious minds inclined towards Science at home? The Amazing Soap making Lab can be your best friend then! Let them unleash their messiness into creating different types of soaps. Mould their imagination with a child safe and non toxic science toys that explains concepts of soap making in the most fun way possible. To top it all, there’ll be new shapes each time! 


And of course, there’s endless possibilities when you mix chemistry with young imagination through these educational games. Moreover, while they’re having fun being messy, their confidence will increase ten-fold in their ability to experiment and create new things on their own. What’s more in store is the fascinating properties of clay dough, glycerin, and the science behind paper soaps.


Age: 6+ years

Get the kit home: Amazing Soap Lab

Construction Crane


Learning concepts of Gravity, Angles & Pulleys while they play? Is that even possible, you ask? Now with Steam educational toys, learning by games is possible! Here’s the perfect STEM toy for the little ones who love wrecking (and building) things: Smartivity’s Construction Crane!


Construction Crane is a building, stacking and a wrecking game bundled into one fun-to-operate machine. Designed to spark curiosity towards angle precision and basic concepts of pulleys, a balancing challenge awaits as kids prevent the mighty crane from toppling. Construction cranes encourage kids to create from scratch, enhance motor skills and promote free experimentation, all simultaneously!


Age: 6+ years

Get the kit home: Construction Crane


Space Explorer


All the space news making your young ones run around the house wearing a blanket as a cape, breaking things instead of boundaries? Then science toys like the space explorer are the best kind of educational games to keep your kids occupied during the lockdown. The DIY experience of Smartivity’s Space Explorer 5-in-1 Activity Kit will allow your kids to take their very first steps into a universe filled with wonders. From launching their own rocket into space, to exploring the moon and making constellations, there’s endless fun and numerous possibilities with the Space Explorer Activity Kit. 


Age: 3+ years

Get the kit home: Space Explorer


Colour Carnival


If you’re trying to find ways to fill your young ones' lives with colour during the lockdown, the colour carnival can help you do so. With this science toy, your young ones can make and play with their own colour goggles, assemble a chameleon puzzle, make rainbows, play with colour poppers and ice cream trucks!


With this fun, colourful educational game, your kids will also learn basic motor and spatial, cognitive, socio emotional, language and association skills as well! 


Age: 3+ years

Get the kit home: Colour Carnival


In conclusion, we understand the troubles of bringing up kids during these strange times when everyone has to stay at home because of covid lockdown, while also keeping their minds and bodies energised and stimulated. This turns out to be an even greater challenge for young, curious minds. More so, when it comes to keeping them away from screens. And this is where STEAM toys come into the picture. It will help keep your child’s mind stimulated, nourished, ever growing and ever learning, all at the same time! 


Go on and find the best toys to keep your children engaged (while they have fun) during their stay at home in lockdown.